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Girth vs length - If you...


Originally Posted by iDare
Crow, with that girth of yours you should feel big. (Your length is also good, no girl will complain).. You should feel good about it

Thanks. I’m now approaching 7” BPEL but I don’t look long. I think I’ll feel really good about having a “big” dick if I ever get to 7” NBPEL(with my girth would be good volume). If I could reach that I would feel completely satisfied. I actually don’t really care about being the biggest a girls been with as long as it isn’t so drastic. I figure MOST girls would be with some one who is at most 8” NBPEL. So if I could get to within 1” of her biggest I’d be fine with that.

Pre-PE: BPEL 6.25" NBPEL 5.8" EG 5.75 " Now: BPEL 7" NBPEL 6.5" EG 5.95"

Final goal: BPEL 7.5" NBPEL 7" EG 6"

Crow I share your sentiments, I am a tad under you girth wise but like you my dick looks “short” compared to others I have seen that are nearing the 7” mark. I think for me and you 7.5” is when our dick will look proportionately longer.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Longer. The impression of a long penis is better.

Start BPEL 5.75, EG 5.0 March 01 2008

Current BPEL 7.25 EG 5.65 Feb 10 2009 Goal BPEL 8.0 EG What ever I can get

Just one word.. Discipline.


Until now, 12 members answer cleary about their idea. So, for the moment we have a draw!


7” x 4.5” - 6

5” x 5.5” - 6

Come on guys, let us have more opinions! ;)

07/09/08 - BPEL: - 6.3” , NBPEL: - 6”; EG: - 4.75”

Short term goal - EL: 6”; EG: - 4.85”

Medium term goal - EL: 6”; EG: - 5.1”

Long term goal - EL: 6.5”; EG: - 5.5”

Final goal - EL - 7”; EG: - 6”

I started off at about 5.5 x 5.5, So I would go with the 5.5 x 5.5.

2005: 5.5 EL & 5.6 EG, FL: 4in > Now: 7.5 NBP & 6.1 MEG, 5.8 BG (Goal: MORE !)

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I would go with the 7” x 4.5”. I need that length for the wife to have CDS orgasms.

Heres the thing, sure 7 looks bigger, length wise.but when it comes to girls.they just wanna feel your cock. They want there pussys to be filled up by your dick. With a 5.5, your talking about a whole inch bigger, which translates into greater friction (which is good). I would go with the 5.5. Thankfully, I am bigger than this with my girth being 6.25 and EL being over 8.

I was 4.8” NBPEL and 4.9 MSEG, I would never go back to being short.) 4.5” is very close to the real world average girth, but 5.0” is on the extreme low end of average length.

2007-01-27 5.3" BPEL 4.8" EG, Less than 3" Flaccid, and sometimes less than 2"

As of 12-07-2008 7.75" BPEL 7.1" NBPEL 5.7"MSEG 6"+ BSEG. Ultimate goal 8+ inches NBPEL, 8.5" BPEL 6.3" EG (2" diameter just sounds so cool!)

Flaccid 5+ inches on a good day. 4 1/2+ pretty much anytime. My gains have slowed to a snails pace, but I will not quit!!!!!!!

This is so hard. I don’t know how much girls would feel 4.5” so I’m a bit stuck. I think the 7 x 4.5 might be labeled a pencil dick, if simply because it is quite disproportional, which I know girls don’t like. I think a girl might have a better chance of getting off on a thicker unit, even if it can’t go deep. Ultimately, I think this would depend on the girl and I think it may split down the middle 50/50. Nonetheless, since I know about PE and length is easier to get, I’ll take the 5 x 5.5 :)

I’d take the 5x5.5.


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