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Glory is fleeting

Glory is fleeting

I began PE some 9 months ago. I made descent Newbie gains and then months of nothing. I read , and I can’t remember his name , but a member here who was just doing 2 on 1 off , very light jelqing with only like 50 to 75 reps followed by light 10 second or so squeezes. He was recording 1/8” gains at will!

Well I tried it , nothing to loose right? Well holy cow it worked for me! I grew 1/8th girth and length in 1 month. My flaccid was bigger than ever and I couldn’t believe it!

All sounds great until lately I have noticed a smaller flaccid and when I took a measurement I have lost both gains. ANY IDEA WHY?

I haven’t changed anything and maybe that’s the problem. I know that 50 to 75 reps , and only 4 light squeezes , 2 on 1 off isn’t much but it worked wonders for months of no gains at all. Now I’m back to frustrated and confused. just when I thought I was getting a real handle on it. Anybody else ever experience this?


Have you considered taking a decon break? If you’re losing length thats a very big negative indicator.

I miss spoke , I haven’t lost thet length gain , I dont think. But the girth has for sure gone back 1/8”

Is it rare to loose girth gains?

You may have previously recorded lymph buildup (which shows up as girth) as a gain and now your body is not holding onto as much lymph post-workout anymore. Just about all PE exercises lead to some degree of lymph buildup in the penis- the more extreme the workout, the more lymph. When you “backed off” into a more mellow routine, you produced less lymph and therefore measured smaller. This lymph (for me at least) is sometimes easier for the body to process than others. Usually, when I start a new routine, I have a really plump cock for awhile because my body is reacting (lymph) to the new exercise(s).

The best and most accurate measurement of girth should be taken about 3 days after doing PE so that you’re not measuring any lymph buildup because the lymph buildup is temporary.

In the beginning, you may lose them as you changed things around. But later, after you’ve got them cemented, girth gains are hard to lose. At least that was my experience.



Perhaps a decon break is needed. Don’t be discouraged take a week off.

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