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Golf Weight Q's and answers I hope

Golf Weight Q's and answers I hope

Ok. Just read up on alot of gold weight stuff and I plan on buying one tommorow and trying them out. They seem to passively do for flaccid length what the TheraP wrap does for girth. I only have a couple questions that I hope can be answered. 1) What happens if you see a chick with a fattie ass while you have these on or something and you get a boner? Will it apply the same pressure to your cock that one applies when doing constriction excercises? 2) I read somewhere that someone pull all his excess skin on the shaft in front of the weights and then lets them go so that the excess skin kind of acts like a wrap so they don’t fall off. If I do this, will I be able to wear them at 4-5 hour intervals at a time? 3)Is it possible to still wear my boxer briefs and wear these at the same time? Or must I absolutely go freeballing (which is kinda weird for me cause I never do that and I have like 8hours of classes per day). Anyone have any real good testimonials or something in reference to these things? Thanks for all the (anticipated) answers!

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Hey Alrybig,I would say just wait until you get one and see how it works.

Anyway,I would think that if you did get an erection,it wouldnt last long.When doing the constiction exercices,something is tightly wrapped to stop the blood from leaving you penis.If you got an erection with the weights on,it would probably leave quickly because of the pressure of the golf weights (just a guess).I dont think it would work like a constrictor because I cant picture the weights being that small to make them that tight.
Plus if you get a boner from seeing a hotchick with a nice ass or rack walk by, you may want to try and avoid looking at the hot chicks.Its hardly ever a good think to have a boner in a public situation.And remember that theres a good chance that when ever you have one of these boners, you’ll be asked to come up and talk to the class about “hard rocks” or “pointy objects”.Plus you can put an eye out.

As far as 3 goes,I dont see why freeballing would be neccessarry.Just wear real baggy boxers,which would give you plenty of room.

Good luck.


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