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Guys who quit smoking


Good bro I used to be a heavy smoker one day I check my length it was 5 inches I got shock I was almost 7 when I research I realize it’s the pubic fat I felt so bad I have a wife and I was thinking when I have almost 6.7 length why would I use 5 13.5 cm it was a shock for me and forget about the days that I didn’t know about pubic fat and I thought am 5 inches only :D any way I had to go to gym I was insisting to get ride of this shit first for 1 and half month automatically I went from 1 and half pack of cigarette a day to 1 pack that last 3 to 4 days so you can say I quit my erection got fat way more better it last longer coz my stamina is high quit smoking will really improve all your live not only your sexual life I’ve been smoking for almost 11 years and now am about to quit and I see benefit even b4 I totally quit I was fat boy :D I can eat 2 boxes of large pizza now I can’t eat 1 slice I lose every week 1 kilo believe it or not I take 700 calories a day and I burn 500 in the gym + whey protein am happy that you quit smoking never go back to it drink coffee instead

Quite the reverse for me. During my time of smoking I was thin, almost unhealthily so without investing in a single day’s exercise. Now I have to exercise hard to keep the pounds off otherwise I balloon.

I too recently quit smoking. Went to the doctors and told me I got acid reflex because of it. Not a heavy smoker here, only 2 packs a week. I believe some people can smoke for decades and not have any problems, and some for months and effect them highly.

Maybe it’s in my head, but I do feel my flaccid hangs heavier and my erections are 2x better! (5 days now)

I just miss it so much. I don’t believe I have a nicotine addiction rather a physical one. I would be sick to my stomach sometimes and still reach for a cig out of boredom. (Especially when driving)

Just now talking about it, makes me want to run out and buy a pack. I love the experience of smoking yet hate it at the same time. Especially how it can control you in such a manner.

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