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Happy Birthday RootCap


Looks like you guys had a party and I forgot to show up. A big THANK YOU! to everyone.

Yesterday was an insane day from the word go. Actually the last 48hrs were nuts.
Had to turn in the lease car (the Hemi Durango) then bought another (2008 Dodge Charger) and later blew the transmission out of a 3rd (the mini van) on the way home from getting the windshield replaced for free. Then a visit to the DMV, insurance, a Christmas orchestra recital and the boyscout’s Christmas party. All after less than 2 hours sleep the night before. One piece of cake and I passed out until this morning. Got up, looked at the S.O. and declared; I hope you realize I’m going to be tearing that ass to pieces this weekend. Her reply was; I figured as much.

Okay the big question: Why the Chrysler products, especially now?
Doesn’t pay for me to drive anything else. I get major discounts on them. Besides they’re really not bad cars.
The Charger only cost me 15K. The last month’s payment, $1000 of over lease milage, and that FN $400 turn fee all disappeared.
Nothing got rolled into the new deal. 6.4 out the door at 15K.

Something tells me I’ll be walking into a strip club tonight too if my buds have their way.
44 if you have to know.

I was gonna say, RootCap's hot. - kitten

Appy Birfdae!

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Happy Birthday RootCap!

:cheerlead Happy Birthday RootCap! :cheerlead

:jumpred: :jumpred: :jumpred: :jumpred:

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Happy Birthday RootCap hope it was a great one!


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