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Here’s to 20 years of Thunder

Here’s to 20 years of Thunder

Nice work

On August 22, 2001 we thank you Thunder for creating this magical place.

Thank you to all of those who were here in the beginning and still with us today. The community knows who you are.

Thank you to all those members who have shared their fears and their dreams.

Thank you to those who have always been there to support members both new and old.

Here’s to all of the the pioneers.

Whether it be through pulling and squeezing,

…from converted garden tools, to the never to be used the same again defiled kitchen and bathroom tools.

…to the endless hours under stacks of weight.

…to the vacuum chambers and the water chambers.

…from the infrared wave lengths to ultrasonic transducers.

May we always together continue to press the limits of cock exploration.

Here’s to all of the volunteering moderators who have stepped up through the years.

Here’s to all of our brilliant brothers that share selflessly and endlessly.

Together, let’s continue to make Thunder’s Place the best damn non-commercial PE community in the world.

Happy 20 years Thunders!

May the gains be with us.

Once upon a time (2015): 6.40” x 4.50”

Today: 7.25” x 5.00”, Thunder Cocks Unite!

I think we can...Little Engine’s Climb

As I said in a different thread, this place is a wonderful support group for dick improvement addicts!

I have been researching PE for around 10 years before i dwelved deep into stretching my cock to the moon. With all that help and support, it makes it easier to do a well informed choice about routines, techniques, and gaining both length and girth.

I am taking a bit of a more scientific approach, measuring daily when stretching, to showcase the amazing force behind simple stretching and jelqing exercises. Two weeks into PE, I have to report no noticeable gains whatsoever, but nevertheless, I am confident that gains would come.

Starting point - 15.5 centimeters BPFLS=BPEL, 12 cm. MSEG /// Goal: 20 cm BPFLS, 18 cm BPEL, 14 cm MSEG

Let the marathon begin - Flowsky's progression

Happy birthday Thunders, amazing place. Loads of great information from 20 years of practice, invaluable.

Amazing Community of Knowledge and Support!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Starting (07/15/20): BPEL 6.5” BPFSL 6.5” MSEG 4.75” BEG 4.75” BPFL 4.5”

Current (10/27/20): BPEL 7.0” BPFSL 7.5” MSEG 5.0”+ BEG 5.25” BPFL 5.25-5.75”

Goal: BPEL 7.5” MSEG 5.5” BEG 6.0” BPFL 6.5”

Man, 20 years old! Almost my entire life (24 years). Congratulations to the creators and collaborators of this paradise of growth!!! It was one of the reasons for my return to life and the hope that everything could get better, and it’s getting better!! 😁🤟

Happy 20th Thunders Place!!!

Let’s get another 20!

Thanks a lot Thunder’s place!!!

Happy 20th Anniversary Thunder’sPlace. Looking forward to the next 20!

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Funny… I just thought I’d log in to check if the website still existed ! Is Thunder still alive by the way?

Originally Posted by penewbie
Funny… I just thought I’d log in to check if the website still existed ! Is Thunder still alive by the way?

Thunder has the most progressive threads in the world and especially currently, we are able to make a lot of progress :-) .
I would go so far and say the golden age of PE is coming haha.
I am really grateful to Thunder for founding this place and allowing all this knowledge to build up over the decades.
The creation of this forum is one of the biggest milestones in the history of Pe.

[before PE] Start BPFSL: 17.6cm (6.93 inches) start BPEL: 16.7cm (6.57 inches)

[on decon till 05.12.21] latest BFPSL: 20.5cm (8,07 inches) latest BPEL: 18.8cm (7,4 inches)

Click here to see my amazing US progress report (always updated!Kyrpa's methodology) ;-)

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