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I got a straight answer out of TWO ladies about size!

Size - both the guys AND the female’s IS a significant issue in a relationship as far as I am concerned - and size definitely goes hand in hand with ATTITUDE!

I’ve been with 2 different women in my life - my wife and a gal I had a fling with some years back. I feel I am built on the small side - and my wife is seemingly large enough to take one of those 9 x 7 inch dudes with comfort… Added to that, is her general lacksadaisical/indifferent attitude concerning sex - but it’s difficult to know whether her attitude is because I am physically unable to fully arouse and satisfy her, or because sex just ISN’T something that rates highly on her agenda.

It’s difficult to discuss the issue with her in a logical manner, because she hasn’t had any other men in her life besides me, so has no frame of refference to go by.

It’s a perverse thought I suppose, but since she was a virgin when we were married (yeah, I’m sure!), and as far as I know, I am the only man she’s ever been with, it would be interesting for her to have some hot sex with a much bigger fella who knew how to use his equipment, to see if she would respond/participate with far more enthusiasm and expression than she does with me… NO, I’m not looking for volunteers!

Reason for my curiosity, is that the OTHER gal I was with, was build MUCH more tightly, and had an eager and aggressive attitude towards sex that made time with her VERY satisfying and rewarding for BOTH of us - and due largely to the far better compatibility between her and I in relation to physical size… The right size AND attitude together can make a BIG difference - and I suppose that if push comes to shove, the attitude is the greatest “tool” in maintaing a good relationship. Trying to make love to a female who just LIES there silently, with no real physical participation, makes for a poor sexual relationship.


Mr. Average, you will find out whether she’s unethusiastic about sex because of your size differences, when you become larger from PE. If you grow an inch or two and she starts wanting it more, then you will have your answer.

Although I want women to have an understanding of the views I have already expressed, I get very horny imagining a future partner sleeping with a huge guy and getting places reached inside her I can never reach. I often fantasise about a woman leaving me because she has found a man with a much bigger dick than mine.

I don’t think that I would like it in real life though. Infact it is often what bothers us the most in real life that becomes one of our fantasies. As we want to examine something that herts are feelings, so we make it into a sexual fantasty which allow us to explore the fealings we get from it.

i think your woman or g/f fantasy of them being with a big guy is a comman one ,really turns me on as well, years ago my fiance said she was with a black guy she said he was huge when i asked her to show me how bi she said that he was as thick as a lynx deoderant tin about 6.5 or7 girth and about 9 inches long.she said that he shagged her stupid ,it was amazin sometimes but sore the other he was just too big length ways but she loved the girth althogth she did say that 6.5 is more than enough,she said it was amazing becuse he was so big he hit “all” her hot spots but he no technique he just filled everything i think she is fairly tight down there so i suppose it depends how aroused they are to , to let them fit in bigger dicks , as she said womens eyes are always bigger than there pussys!

Well Mr. UberGoober, I am highly confident and have ran into three women who have made negative comments about my penis size. So, your theory goes right out the window. Have you ever worked around a bunch of women? They all say the same thing “Wow such and such has a big dick.” I’ve heard it a million times. Women like big dicks. Period. No one here hates a size queen. We just wish we were able to give them what they want.

I get the feeling that UberGoober might be female.


Today I will take negative thoughts and turn them into positive and productive actions. 7.00 BP x 4.75 GOAL 9.0 x 6.5

Well, the issue of pre-marital sex hasn’t surfaced in this thread yet as a “tool” or recommended ingredient to a more satisfying relationship or marriage - but in my later years it has become my feeling that since a satisfying sex life often IS a basic ingredient in a truly happy marriage, at least SOME form of sexual experimentation between potential long-term couples might be advised…

Sure would seem better than the “grab-bag” approach, where on the wedding night the wrapper gets torn off, and what ya see is what ya get - like it or not!

I can’t really say that I’d make my basic choice on a life’s partner based purely on how well we “fit” sexually and in sexual attitudes - but it dern sure would be HIGH on my list of importance! And you never know for sure until you try it with the one you are considering as your permanent partner - and even THEN, frequently attitudes and behaviors change, even if physical attributes don’t. I’ve heard lots of cases where a gal was a tiger in bed ‘til after the wedding, then she turned into a block of ice.

Jaggy - your comments about your fiance sorta point up my own thoughts about a gal’s attitude and desire on sex possibly reacting differently to a sex partner based upon his size in relation to her own - I would bet there was PLENTY of moaning, squeals and physical response from HER due to the degree of stimulation she was getting from the black guys larger equipment, judging by her comment that he “shagged her stupid” - and it’s VERY stimulating for a guy when he gets that sort of physical and vocal reaction from their fully aroused partner… Forgive me for asking, but does her obviously appreciative and enthusiastic reaction to the other guy seem anywhere near what you two seem to share?

The gal I mentioned above was so sore she could hardly walk for several days after our first (intense!) sexual contact - but believe me, she was VERY eager and willing for more after that… The intense memory of the full arousal and pleasure lasts LONG after the soreness wears off!

Problem is, in relationships where folks are obviously or admittedly well experienced in sexual contact, after the initial enjoyment wears off, comes the nagging jealousy and fear that your experienced partner may still want MORE experimenting with others - just as they did with YOU! After all, if they were willing to jump in bed with YOU tonite, who will they wanna jump in bed with TOMORROW if they have reason to feel there’s still “something better” available out there somewhere?

I believe it was Marilyn Monroe in one of her movies who used the line to her jealous lover “you like the way I am, but you hate how I got this way”…


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You’re wrong about me being female. I’ve lurked on these boards for a couple of years and (no offense to anyone before I get flamed off the board) there always seems to be what I consider a bunch of whining that comes in spurts about how bad women are and how they are shallow and should understand that cock comes in different sizes.

“Well Mr. UberGoober, I am highly confident and have ran into three women who have made negative comments about my penis size. So, your theory goes right out the window”

1) Highy confident is subjective, and three women out of 3 billion is hardly representative :)

“Have you ever worked around a bunch of women? They all say the same thing “Wow such and such has a big dick.” I’ve heard it a million times. Women like big dicks”

Exactly. So what if chicks want big dick? Guys like tight pussy and nice tits. Some folks were born with it, some have to work for it—guys AND girls. I don’t see the difference really.

I guess I really get annoyed by the guys who try to put on the victim show…like we haven’t been forcing our views of attractiveness on women throughout history (hey, I won’t complain about the results—hot chicks are still hot chicks!), and somehow now there is an injustice being done. I see it more as fair play. Hot chicks who want big dick will get their dick. Dudes with big dicks who want chicks who like big dicks will get chicks who like big dicks. There is no social injustice going on or perference adjustment necessary. We are here because we want bigger dicks. End of story—it’s not some chick’s fault or anything.

Man, if I was female, I have one hell of a clit! :)


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i dont think it matters much about if guys are too small or women to big , the main reason were here is to better ourselves and to give women be it our wifes g/f or mistresses the best we can arent we?my fiance sayes she is happy the size i am but she has no objections to me getting bigger cause i will be able to hit more of her hot spots she says. so it dont matter if we think women are maybe to big or to obsest with size, all that matters is we feel good about our selves are able to look at ourselves in mirror and say yea i am happy,and to keep our women happy why else are we here buy the way i not sexist or raceist so replace gf with b/f where approp. so live life be happy and enjoy it ,two to three years ago we didnt have pe we had surgery or ……nothing basically nothing …………….

You’re right Jaggy we sure have options today we didn’t have a few short (pun!) years ago!

I know *I* will sure be happy to gain a couple of additional inches if I can - but also VERY sad that it comes so late in life - oh to have had more length and girth back when I could put it to better and more frequent use!


Yeah! Just think. These exercise could eventualy spread all around the world. As more and more people get success from these exercises, the national health service will do scientific studies into it and it will become a widly used procedure around the world.

Maybe in the future the normal custom around the world will envolve most men teaching their sons how to do it. As has become the custom in places like Sudan, with the African Arabs.

If this does eventually become common practise in most countries(as every man wants a big dick), the average penis size around the planet will become around 7.5-8” by 5.5-6.25. Instead of what it is today. 5.75-6 by 4.75-5.25.

Size would cease to be an issue amongst women anymore, as this is roughly what the average woman has always wanted.

Can you imagine that? That would be such a break through for every mans’ sexual confidense and every womans sexual satisfaction. It would end up being the greatest ever sexual relations breakthrough in the history of man kind. Not just because of the better fit that men and women will get, but also because of the rise in confidense of the men and women when together. That confidense will lead to more emotionaly open relations amongst men and women.

Lets hope that the future generations will be given a chance to encorporate this knowledge into their customs.

Hey GottaGrow

Forget that crap about the Sudanese Arabs. I have looked and looked all over the web for some reference to them actually using jelq methods, and do you know when they start showing up? Right about the time that people started selling “Ancient secrets to enlarge your penis”. Do a couple of searches and see what you come up with. And I have heard the verse from the Bible that some use to validate that basically says “ancient Arabs hung like horses”. That may be true, but it doesn’t prove that they were jelqing as we know it today.

And your idea about everyone gaining this knowledge is a good one, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the medical community to have anything to do with it publicly. It would hit them where it hurts the most, the wallet.

It will take guys like you and me spreading the word around and helping others to really get the word out. And we have to campaign against the people who give PE a half assed try and walk away from it badmouthing it. I do believe there are more of that type than there are of us.

And do you really want to gain an 8” cock only to find out a few years later that an 8” cock has become “average”?

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Why don’t you just buy one of those big dildos and use it on her to see if she likes a big one or not? Seems like the best way to me and pretty definitive.


Today I will take negative thoughts and turn them into positive and productive actions. 7.00 BP x 4.75 GOAL 9.0 x 6.5

good idea :)

I got one for my gf, at the time it looked just like an 8x6 (even think it was marked as so), but turns out it was about 7.5 and not wide but tall in girth. It was nice but she still says she prefers me, but it helps with my fantasy of her being totally filled up without going to obsessive or dangerous lengths. This way we both have fun in the shower (she won’t let me take it to the bed, she likes it to be just us - cool w/me!), and I get the idea of what it’d be like and she doesn’t have to wonder (even though she’s been w/huge guys before and still prefers me, attitude and closeness is a big factor I guess)…

Try it, it can be fun picking out a sex toy, I feel bad going in after the dong sometimes, but it gets me worked up and just the idea that i can help her out during my downtime gives me enough “horny” to go a second time relaly quick :)

This whole sudanese arab stuff is a bunch of turd.
I have a friend from sudan who has no idea what jelqing is.
and other arabic friends from other places who also don’t know squat about it til i told them…

As for the teaching your sons to jelq bit, I don’t know how much of a good idea that is… in comparison to most on these boards I started fairly young - I was only 16 when I found out about PE, but it took me til I was almost 18 to really start with the exercises and trying it out for real.

But even some guys here, 50 or 60 plus even, have had respectable gains. ;) So, also taking into consideration the fact that we don’t know the effects on very young children eg pre pubescant, it could turn to disaster.

One thing that might happen is that the results obtained around early puberty would be so great that your predictions of ‘average’ could be totally wrong.

We could start to see a generation of guys who swing at 12” per the average… :D
But then all the ladies would be complaining that he’s TOO BIG! and searching for not well hung guys! lol then the situation is reversed!

Not only this but what if pe in young guys damages them somehow, eg so that they do not develope properly or whatever…? There’s just too many unknowns. If you want to teach your sons jelq, guys, teach them when they’re old enough to be responsible and careful enough to handle it, eg, my age!! although I am mature for my age hehe :) LOL and go ahead, have a ball! most parents find it difficult just to tell their kids about sex! hahaha imagine teaching your kid jelq!

what was even MORE rewarding was the fact that she can’t fit about ~1 inch into her, meaning her max is about 6.5 no matter how relaxed she is, so all those times I thought I was hitting the back, I really was, it also helped me guage where i’d like to be in order to totally get her :)

Stretchin - yours would be a good idea, if “the other half” was likely to go along with it - in my case, that’s highly doubtful due to wife’s personality and religious upbringing…

BUT, in cases and situations where it COULD be applied, such a “tool” might be a valuable inclusion as part of the health screening, blood test and such that takes place before a marriage license is issued… SOME sort of clue as to physical compatibility might be VERY valuable to a couple making the big step… If both parties were tested, and it was discovered the gal was VERY small, and her prospective husband was a 9 incher with matching girth, some warning alarms might be in order, just as a gal big as a barn and a guy with only 3 inches on a GOOD day might be, if full physical and emotional compatibility was expected to occur

Maybe a “small, medium, large” scale, with measurements supplied as to different ranges could give at least a GENERAL idea of what to expect, without being TOO invasive of privacy - then if a couple apparently physically mismatched STILL decided to proceed, at least they would have fair warning…

I may seem to be putting too much emphasis on this, but I honestly have had MANY personal feelings of disappointment, inadequacy and wonderings about how it MIGHT have been with someone providing a better physical match - at least I did find that there IS a lot more physical satisfaction when all the relative parts fit together more tightly - and there ARE an abundance of other perfectly suitable prospective matches out there - it’s just sorta hard to figure which ones will do the job without a working test…

My wife’s a fine person in most ways, and we’ve been together for nearly 50 years - but it COULD have been better, for BOTH of us, if we were a better match physically. Perhaps my current PE efforts will improve things some - but damn, it’s been nearly 50 years…

For those who might suggest I’m overstressing the sexual part of a relationship, without the sex all you have is a live-in housekeeper - marriage can, and SHOULD be more that washing clothes and dirty dishes, earning a living and having a place to sleep at night after a decent meal - that’s where deeper emotions, romance and intimacy come into play - and it takes ALL PARTS of the puzzle to make a pretty picture - believe it!



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