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Idea for girth


***Note: I don’t recommend this for those without extensive clamping under their belts… For that matter, I don’t recommend any variation on standard clamping to anyone without a great deal of confidence in their acclimatization to clamping.

For the past few months I have been doing a variation on clamped jelqs. I use the clamp itself to jelq with as opposed to clamping and then using my hand for the jelq. That is, I clamp with the clamp set one or two clicks looser than usual and grab the clamp with both hands. I then move the clamp up the shaft about 1/4 of the way. The clamp does not slide over the exterior skin of the shaft. Rather, the skin moves with the clamp in the vein of a dry jelq.

The motion I have been using incorporates ~3sec of movement up the shaft to get to ab out 1/4 of the length from the base, then a ~5sec hold of the clamp at the 1/4 point. I then kegel while moving the clamp back down to the base. I rest for ~2sec then repeat. So, I do about one rep every ~10sec and continue until I have done 25-30 reps.

I find that I get better expansion when I combine this exercise with my standard clamping routine, placing it between my first and second 10min clamping sets and my second and third 10min clamping sets. I enjoy being able to eliminate the use of the hand grip in jelqing. When using the clamp as the jelq grip, I am able to induce a wide range of pressures towards the end of my shaft by varying the distance of clamp movement from the base of my shaft.

Anyways, just thought I’d add this to the thread as some food for thought. Again, don’t attempt this if you aren’t experienced with clamping.

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Hey Girth and Greed,

I’ve tried this top (before reading this) and didn’t get any spectacular gains. I might give it one more shot and see what happens.


Is this wet or dry jelqing? Also tried this and didn’t get any really promising results. Can you explain your clamped jelqing process please?


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