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If penis growth is from stretching fascia, why doesn't the glans grow faster?

If penis growth is from stretching fascia, why doesn't the glans grow faster?

The glans has less connective tissue exerting force in resistance to expansion. The glans expands more when pumped or jelqed than the CC in my experience.

So why doesn’t the glans grow much faster than the CC?

It seems like the glans largely keeps pace with CC growth.

If penis growth was solely a matter of stretching tissue, the glans should be growing much much faster than the CC.

My glans has grown a little more relative to my CC. But I think that can be attributed to the improvement of the pelvic floor injury I got from riding a bicycle as a child.

The glans and CS, however, don’t have the vein blocking mechanism of the CC so it doesn’t reach the same pressure. But that probably doesn’t apply much when doing jelqing with less than a full erection which probably exerts the same amount of internal pressure on the glans and CC, which are connected vascularly.

What do you guys think?

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I speculate that they don’t grow as much as the shaft because the glans expands from the CS.

IDK, for sure. This is just my intuition.

The C-C grows better because the fasciae goring larger becomes a larger potential space that is easily filled with blood to make up the new, expanded volume.

But the glans is all soft tissue, so to grow it you have to increase the number of cells and blood vessels throughout the whole tissue, instead of just the outer layers.

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