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If you could gain 0.5" per year...

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If you could gain 0.5” per year…

8.0” is enough already, I would do the procedure right away and start enjoying life more


I would probably do another year


I would get that 9” BPEL first


Lets become the next Ramon!

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Hm. It would probably be difficult to stop working on length gains if I knew I could never get any more if I stopped. If I could gain 0.5 inch a year I would probably make it really really long before I started doing girth work. During this time I would use a ockring when having sex to make it a little thicker.

If you were already like a pole vault in the vaginal vault such as saiyan22 for example why go after more length?

I’m with djrobins. The average female’s vagina is about 4 inches and can expand upwards to on average 8 inches. And like penis sizes, I’m sure vagina sizes vary also as to length & thickness they can handle. So it seems to me that 8 inches in length is an optimum goal for the average woman. If you’re married to a woman that has above average vaginal length, and would appreciate longer than 8”, then I could see why an acknowledging husband (or committed boyfriend) might want to shoot for 9”s.

Most woman, if given the choice, seem to prefer girth first, then length. The vaginal walls are flexible and can expand appreciably to fit most men’s thickness (eventually). Seems that many women like the feel of thickness because it stimulates the vaginal walls more so, and a thick penis may actually tug on the clitoris during sex, amplifying the pleasure. Now I’m sure every woman has different preferences, which makes it difficult to know what the majority of women’s preferences are for optimal penis size. That being said, it appears that the polls, if accurate, suggest that women prefer an above average penis over a below average penis, optimally speaking, 7-8 inches. This is why IMHO I think shooting for approx 8” length makes sense to me.

However, I must qualify that although some women can quantify the length they prefer (some haven’t a clue), but I can’t find any polls whereby they show any accuracy in quantifying girth in inches. Here lies the conundrum. They can use their hands to visually show what they like, but how can they extrapolate that into actual inches onto a poll? So my theory is they have a much better ability to visualize & quantify their preferred length (+ or - an inch for many women), but I don’t think they have a clue how to quantify girth measurements. Plus, some women don’t know the difference between Diameter & Circumference. Sorry for rambling on here, but I’m more perplexed as to what would be the perfect girth measurement to shoot for. I’m thinking about 6 inches, but wonder if 6.5 - 7 inches wouldn’t be more preferable for the masses of women, if they had a choice. I’m guessing that anything above 7 inches is just going to be too uncomfortable for most women., and the goal for us men is to give women the greatest pleasure, and multiple orgasms. BUT then I look at the other extreme, that if the average man’s girth is around 4.5 - 5.2”, why would God create man with girth that isn’t optimal for women’s pleasure? LOL. I mean really!

charlie dog,

>BUT then I look at the other extreme, that if the average man’s girth is around 4.5 - 5.2”, why would God create man with girth that isn’t optimal for women’s pleasure? LOL. I mean really!<

Given your reasoning, God really punished male whales.

Originally Posted by TenInchGoal

If you knew that you could gain 0.5” of BPEL per year with 60 minutes of manual stretching per day, six days a week. For how many years would you go for length?

You had to start out with 4.5” in girth, but when you decided that you’re done, you will instantly be granted your dream girth, but can never gain any more length ever again.

As much as I would like to add an inch in length I would say no to that deal. First off I don’t think I would be able to stick with 1 hour/day for the 2 years it would take. And more importantly, even if I got my girth back after the year I don’t think I could cope. I am currently just a smidgen over 6” chubby.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

For practical purposes, I`m not even sure I would want 8”. Currently at 7,2” BPEL and not in a hurry to gain more length, although I keep tugging it. Girth is more important for me now.

Anything beyond 8” is only for the ego, IMO. :)

Originally Posted by Renholder
For practical purposes, I`m not even sure I would want 8”. Currently at 7,2” BPEL and not in a hurry to gain more length, although I keep tugging it. Girth is more important for me now.

Anything beyond 8” is only for the ego, IMO. :)

Some girls are deeper then others but you are probably right. Over 8 is probably for the ego. I would love to have 10.5 inch length, but it’s all for my ego. Messed up ego maybe haha.

Very good points all. SheLovesIt — HA HA!! Yes, God may have a sense of humor, and loves to watch us men squirm. I have to believe that a man that fits within the average 4.5-5.2 girth should do just fine at pleasuring the majority of women. What really pisses me off is that even though that’s the case, why do I constantly hear women impressed by girth? Is it that they’re commenting on it when they see a man with above average girth, or is it because they actually are pleasantly surprised and prefer it if given a choice? You never hear women talk to each other and say, “OMG!! I just slept with so&so, and man, his average sized penis is amazing. I loved his size, and felt so awesome!” No, they say nothing. They seem to only comment when the man’s penis is below or above average. I think many of us on ThundersPlace want the positive comments that we are above average. But funnier yet, many of us that are above average, want way above average. We want their eyes to pop out of their heads when they see it, and their eyes to roll in their heads when we insert it. :) So here I am, putting in hours a week, committed to a year or 2 of intense exercises, just to add that 1+ inches in length & girth so that I can be in the top 5% that has a Big/Huge penis. Sometimes I really wonder if I’m not just totally obsessed with this, even though I must admit I do already receive compliments. However, as far as I know, I’m not sure the compliments are just to me (to make me feel good), or made to other women because in my mind, that’s the biggest compliment I could receive. LOL So I will continue my trek to HugeDom.

And guys, just to qualify, I don’t want to be so big that the size of my penis is scary or hurts. I want to be large enough to push the limits that a woman can handle, and that she enjoy immensely. I do agree with many of you that think 8” is probably a magical number to shoot for. As far as girth, I’m still stumped. I don’t know what the magical number is for girth. Anyone want to chime in? Is is 5.5”, 6”, 6.5” or 7”. I pray to God it’s not bigger than 7” because I don’t think that’s a goal I can reach, and I’m not committed to a 10 year plan if that’s what it takes. I’m committed to maybe 2 years max.


Seeing as how I’ve got plenty of girth (averaging at 6.7” with 7” base), I’d go for length - all the way.

I’m hovering at 8” right now, but want a couple more inches.

monstermandingo — Why do you not think 8”s is enough, especially because most women can only expand their vaginas to about 8 inches. If you get too much longer, and you like to pelvic thrust & grind, the force on her cervix may be uncomfortable for her. I have a friend that says he’s 9 inches. He says he bottoms out every time. With some women he can’t push it all the way in because it hurts, which limits what he can do. There are the few exceptional women that can take it all & love it, but are we enhancing our penises for the few that can handle it, or the masses? I realize I’m a little biased here, and truly am interested whether if women, given the choice between let’s say 7.5 inches and 9 inches, which one they’d choose. It seems to me from surveys & polls I’ve read, that 7-8 inches is what the majority would choose, however they have no dissatisfaction with 6 inches either.

With adequate length, thickness seems to be the key. It appears women prefer a little thicker than average, around 5.5 - 6.5 inches. The average man is 4.7-5.2 inches in girth, and 85% of women are happy with the size of their man’s penis. So it’s hard for me to believe they’d prefer much thicker than 6.5 inches. You’re thickness is out of the park. HAHA!! Congrats!! However, I’m really curious, do you feel the women you’ve been with prefer your girth to let’s say 5.5-6”? Have women you’ve been with actually told you they prefer your thickness? As far as girth, I just don’t know what the ideal goal should be. I’ve talked to women that have been with a man that was really thick, and they said that is just stretched them out to where it actually hurt, and that the friction was actually too intense for their optimal pleasure.

When you start at 5.5 and you are married for over 40 years, growing beyond 8 inches would be just too much to handle for both of us.

when you are all speaking of 8 inches is like optimal for ego and enough for a pussy then do you mean NPBEL or BPEL ?

I think its big difference.

It depends on your purpose for PE. My purpose is to improve sex for both me and wife. Anything that starts reducing pleasure or frequency of sex would cause me to stop.

I understand that a unit that is too long or too big starts becoming less enjoyable and eventually painful for most women. Depending on your point of view a big dick may boost your ego, but for me that is not worth the reduction in sex and enjoyment for both of us.

Based on the above I would stop at 8 inches. This is already enough length to scare most women and even cause pain.

I would concentrate on girth, but not using surgery. As long as my dick still works I don’t want a doctor touching it other than a routine health exam. I just don’t think the risk of surgery is worth the very bad downside of surgery that can and does go wrong. Again I am doing this to improve sex not risk the likely hood of damaging my unit so that I cannot have sex or reduce pleasure of either myself or the wife.

Take care and happy gains,

4Foreskin ;)

If I had 8” and knew for certain that I can reach 8.5” within a year, I would probably go for it even though I know that would be probably more harm than good. (:


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