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Is it acceptableOK to.

Is it acceptableOK to.

.Stretch not by gripping underneath the glans but foreskin (not circumcised ).
It feels better by that I mean more comfortable and I can stretch stronger. (Probably the same length).

Your opinions please :)

Anything that is more comfortable is probably a good thing. PE isn’t supposed to hurt. :)



I’m not circumcised; while gripping underneath the glans is less confortable, I think it’s a little better for gains. But I don’t have proofs about, so do whatever feels better for you.

I’ve the same problem, pull directly at the glans is a very unpleasant sensation.

Then I pull with my foreskin recovering the glans.

I only hope not to grow longer my foreskin has cause of it.

I also have problem of grip it is for that that I plan to buy the Redi-Stretcher (the Euro is for the increase so much to take advantage of it)

I find when I tried stretching with my foreskin over my glans, I would get those annoying red dots on my foreskin, so I always stretch with my foreskin back. But hey, if it works for you, and feels better, just do it(TM)

What Dick Rivers wrote,

Just be careful that you don’t end up with a loooong foreskin!

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Well I guess it is kind a long already (I mean not because of stretching)

It doesn’t and has never retracted when my dick is erect, but I will certainly keep an eye on that !

Thanks !


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