Hi TG, basically the recipe is;
* 10 min warmup pump up tp approx 7 Hg, some arousal
* 12-20 minutes approx 7-8 inHg modulating down to 4, and up to7-8, maybe 12 second cycle, very high arousal, kegeling etc, you will feel the stretch force in the glans a lot, it will really fill out.

It takes a bit of practice getting really turned on in the tube. Part of it is the cycling from 4Hg up to 7-8 which inflates the penis hard and triggers the auto-arousal pleasure nerves each cycle.

But a big part is mental control and good management of sexual energy. If I did any sexy activity my training would be crap even hours afterward. Your thread shows you like an hour of edging before pumping, thst’s a complete no-no for this style of pumping, you need to be fresh and horny right when you go in the tube so as to get max arousal and stretch. (So essentially you replace an hour of edging before pumping, with 15-20 minutes of pumping at a very hard aroused level. And minimum edging/sex during the day so sexual energy is high ready for pumping).

And warning; glans skin tears, splits, some blisters etc can be common, you have to build some skill at getting enough glans stretch but watch out for too much.