I beg to differ with the statement “Taking time off is not the answer” when over training or just training the ligaments can become stronger and less adaptive to the stretching forces applied to them this has been stated many times in PE gym as well as Thunders and Bibs forum. The deconditioning break allows these connective tissues to become more pliable with the lack of stresses put on them. There is a video that has been circulating for a good number of years of a Asian man lifting a huge stack of weights attached to his penis he does not have a long dick but he does have a strong dick meaning that he has built up a large amount of connective tissue around his penis where it attaches to his body. He is not building a longer or a thicker penis but the stresses he has put on his member over the years of training have caused only the connective tissues to be reinforced. No doubt he has added some girth and length but not to the degree that he could have if he had used lighter weights over the same period of time.