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Key experiences with the new size


I Agree

Originally Posted by theShortEx
This thread is dedicated to the suprising experiences one got from the new size of his unit.

My friend with benefits noticed/was surprised. When she was stroking my penis and sucking it— the third time in the mouth she said, “I knew something was different” and of course I am playing coy, acting surprised, listening - she adds, “Is your cock getting bigger overall than normal??” “It feels like it. Wow.”

During anal sex she asks me to ‘Stop. I need more lube - I normally can fit half of it…but not now!” <——Lol. I also clamped alittle before she came over.

Originally Posted by Sebybegood
For me it’s when She gives me head. The visual of when she’s grabbing the base with her full hand and have enough meat to go deep. Also I’m enjoying a bigger flaccid now.
Thanks to Thunder!

More fulfilling, isn’t it? Its a nice thing.

Good idea for a thread I haven’t had sex in over a year so I need to step up my game and be gentle with them from now on. I just measured a .25 gain yesterday. So, I’m starting to get that confidence that I’ll be the biggest any girls ever going to have .25 to go and I’m hanging up the boots.

Originally Posted by A69
A very interesting reaction from the wife in bed last night.
I’ve stopped PEing many years ago (after gaining in excess of 2”) and lost some length (about 3/4”) so started a little light hanging (with heat) while doing paperwork lately.
Nothing like a little multitasking to get stuff done.

Its only taken a few sessions to start to regain some of my former glory and have already regained a 1/4”.
Not a lot by any stretch (excuse the pun), but its enough for her to be making all kinds of different moans I haven’t heard in a long time.
She even commented on what I was doing differently because it felt even better than usual.
She knows that I have PEed in the past, but I haven’t told her about my recent endeavours. Not that I would keep it a secret if she asked, I’m just intrigued as to how long it will take before she realises what I’m up to.

How long did it take you to lose 3/4”? Do you feel that if you didn’t do PE again you could have lost more?

Originally Posted by RedCommander

How long did it take you to lose 3/4”? Do you feel that if you didn’t do PE again you could have lost more?

Its very hard to say if I would have lost more, but I dont feel like it.

I think I lost the majority of that 3/4” almost right away and because life got in the way and the Mrs was satisfied, I never bothered trying to regain it till now.

I now have the time and the drive to achieve my goals


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