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Kinsey Penis Length


Kinsey Penis Length

The graph below shows penis length against the percentage of men having said length. For comparison with your own penis locate your length to the nearest 0.25” along the bottom and read off the percentage from the left.

Penis Length Chart from Kinsey Data

Penis Length Data

The graph above is based on the following data. All measurements are made NBP, along the top of the shaft. To measure NBP place a ruler or tape at the bottom of the shaft without pressing in towards the pubic bone. Kinsey measured uncircumcised men with the foreskin fully retracted.

Percentage of men
3.75” 0.2%
4.00” 0.3%
4.25” 0.2%
4.50” 1.7%
4.75” 0.8%
5.00” 2.0%
5.25” 4.4%
5.50” 10.7%
5.75” 8.0%
6.00” 23.9%
6.25” 8.8%
6.50” 14.3%
6.75” 5.7%
7.00” 9.5%
7.25” 1.8%
7.50” 2.9%
7.75” 1.0%
8.00” 1.0%
8.25” 0.3%
8.50” 0.3%
8.75” 0.1%
9.00” 0.1%

Penis Length (CSV)

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Wow, not that I’ve ever felt embarrassed about my size, but this chart does help me feel much more secure and informed. Thanks for posting!

Hi I was just wondering if there is a polo thing on here were we all could put are measurements in and see what the average size is on thunder’s place. Be good to see what it is.

@Bad luck -

While it would be interesting to see, it wouldn’t really mean much without some sort of verification. Not that I am accusing anyone of lying about their size, but anyone would be able to say whatever size they want. That aside, there are likely inconsistencies in measurements from one guy to the next.

Thanks for that guys I can understand about some guys not measuring properly. When I first started pe I did not measure correctly tull about 2 months back and I have been peing for a year now. I used to measure from were the hair starts on the unit which in my case is half inch up from nbpel measurements. It a shame because I don’t no if or what I have gained.

I’m about 4.25” which puts me all the way to the left of the distribution.. 99.5% of men are bigger than me.. :-(

Originally Posted by undergrowth
I’m about 4.25” which puts me all the way to the left of the distribution.. 99.5% of men are bigger than me.. :-(

Which will make you even more happy when you’ll get bigger! ;)

Burn that tunica!

I didn’t even make it to the chart.Where’s the crying smileys when ya need one.

My fat pad is killing my NBPEL.

Working hard to fix it though.

Then, 6.1 x 4.5 Now, 7.25 x 5.25

Me too, Deerman. The fit and trim guys get the edge on the Kinsey stats. I’m working to fix that issue though.


I call bs on this. If this is npel and they around 6 that would mean the average PE is size is around 7.

Beginning 12/17/13 BPEL: 13.97 (5.5") EG: 12.2 (4.8")

Current 06/14/14 BPEL: 17.3 (6.811") EG: 13.3 (5.24")

Goal the Perfect Penis BPEL: 19.1 (7.5") EG: 15.25 (6")

I’d guess the average fat pad for a fit person would be 1/2” at best. Which would make the most common bpel in this survey at least 6.5, which still seems high compared to other surveys.


Originally Posted by Deerman
My fat pad is killing my NBPEL.

Working hard to fix it though.

Don’t feel pissed on.I’m hitting the gym mon-thurs.Mine is hiding about 2 inches of dick.

Wasn’t the Kinsey study done a long time ago? Like in the 50’s. Not sure exactly when but I believe it was a while ago, Since then the average American has ballooned out a bit with all the processed foods we consume these days. Something to keep in mind perhaps.


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