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JP90 is junk. Don’t do that. It’s entirely too much work for basically anyone. I started with that and I found it to bay way too exhausting. It’s a long routine that focuses on numbers. You shouldn’t be focusing on the number. You should be focusing on how your dick feels and reacts to what you’re doing.

With that said, there does need to be some structure so you can keep track of how much you are doing. I use time and expansion. You could set a timer and focus on whatever you are doing until the timer goes off. If you think you’ve got more in you and want to go further, do it. Just be careful of overdoing it. Unfortunately with PE, it varies drastically between men. What may be too much for you may not be enough for other guys or vice versa.

I always try to steer guys with the linear routine in my signature. I substitute repetitions for time.

Most importantly, give your dick a rest every couple of days. You will want to PE because you have a goal. This goal can not be met by pummeling your dick into the ground every day. Good luck.

I might agree with you :) I used JP90 as a starting point creating a routine that suited my schedule. And I always chose measuring time over reps generally. I guess I should have made that clear (note to self: Don’t post after to much wine hehe).

But asking newbies to “listen” to their cocks.. I still can’t do that, for me that is the most difficult part of PE. Just take it easy and when lack of progression deems it necessary, up the effort.

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