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Megalophallus, Priapism, Smooth Muscle Tissue, Gastroplasty, and Clamping

Megalophallus, Priapism, Smooth Muscle Tissue, Gastroplasty, and Clamping

Many newbies to PE wonder if you really can increase the size of you penis. I wondered the same thing when I started PE a few years ago. Early on I set about trying to find out if increasing the size of your penis was even remotely possible. I needed hope that my hard work could pay off. The following is my argument for why PE through exercise is possible.

PE can be likened to increasing the size of your muscles through working out or lifting weights. A focused workout of curls can increase the size of your biceps. In some ways PE is similar to this type of workout, but the muscle of the penis is very different than the body’s skeletal muscles such as the bicep. The body’s skeletal muscles are striated muscles and the penis consists of smooth muscle similar to what is found in internal organs such as the stomach. Since the penis is made of smooth muscle lifting a weight with your penis will not increase its size.

So what is PE doing to increase the size of your penis? Basically, PE forces more blood into the penis or parts of the penis than there normally would be to stretch and expand the size of the penis. The hope is that if done often enough the penis will expand slowly over time to a larger more fuller size and eventually the results will permanent.

So, does it work? Are there examples within the medical community that directly or indirectly support the hypothesis that you can enlarge your penis through exercises that unnaturally engorge the penis beyond its normal size until the results are permanent? I set about searching for this information a few years ago and was able to find many examples that indirectly suggest that this could be possible—hope! Yes, so I was convinced that PE could work and continued with me exercises with positive results. I personally can tell you that this shit works, but it takes effort, time, and dedication. This is where PE is similar to working out and lifting weights to increase striated muscle size. Both take a lot of work and dedication to experience results and make them permanent. So what are these examples that indirectly suggest that PE does in fact work? I have chosen three examples within the medical community that provide support: Gastroplasty, Tissue Expansion, and Megalophallus.


Gastroplasty is any surgical treatment of the stomach or lower esophagus used to decrease the size of the stomach. You may wonder how this is related to PE. I first looked into this as an example a few years ago when there was little mention of Tissue Expansion or Megalophallus on the Internet. I know that the stomach is made up of smooth muscle tissue similar to that of the penis. I also remember hearing stories of stomach’s re expanding after gastroplasty surgery. In other words even though the size of the stomach was reduced through surgery, some patients were able to increase the size of their stomach post surgery. Basically, these patients forced food into their smaller stomachs and permanently increased the size of their post gastroplasty stomach. This quote is taken from a medical site on the Internet:

In simple terms, bariatric “gastroplasty” is an operation during which the stomach is reduced in size using special staples, in order to restrict food intake and thus cause weight loss. Unfortunately, the use of staples in this way has one big drawback: the stomach wall tends to stretch. This can be partially explained by stomach re-expansion potential, sheets and bundles of smooth muscle fibers are capable of expansion allowing dilation of hollow organs, e.g., urinary bladder, pregnant uterus, mammary glands.

This quote suggests that smooth muscle tissue of the stomach and other hollow organs have the ability to stretch and expand permanently. The penis consists of similar smooth muscle fiber. Can the penis be stretched and stressed until it achieves a permanent size increase?

Tissue Expansion

Further evidence to support the idea that the smooth muscle of the penis can in fact be increased or stretched in size is found in tissue expansion experiments. The following is an excerpt from a medical journal that describes the expansion of smooth muscle tissue in pigs:

The creation of a small bowel pouch by tissue expansion —an experimental study in pigs
Journal Langenbeck’s Archives of Surgery
Publisher Springer Berlin / Heidelberg
ISSN 1435-2443 (Print) 1435-2451 (Online)
Issue Volume 375, Number 3 / May, 1990
Category Original Investigations
DOI 10.1007/BF00206807
Pages 145-150
Subject Collection Medicine
SpringerLink Date Wednesday, November 17, 2004

G. B. Stark1, A. Dorer2, K.-J. Walgenbach2, F. Grünwald3 and K. Jaeger2
(1) Division of Plastic Surgery, Tulane University Medical Center, New Orleans, USA
(2) Department of Surgery, University of Bonn Medical Centre, D-5300 Bonn
(3) Institute for Clinical and Experimental Nuclear Medicine, University of Bonn Medical Centre, D-5300 Bonn

Received: 13 June 1989
Summary Tissue expanders (inflatable silicone balloons) were implanted into a bypassed ileum segment of seven pigs and consecutively filled over 8 to 12 weeks. The mean increase of the volume of the small bowel loops was 12 fold with a maximum of 22.8 times the original volume. The final volume 9 weeks after expander removal still presented an increase of 500%. Histologically there was an increase of the thickness of all layers of the bowel wall, especially in the tunica muscularis. The mucosa showed a value above normal in mean in vitro 14C-resorption capacity per surface area in the reintegrated bowel. Possible clinical applications of the augmentation of the gut by expansion as a rectum substitute after proctocolectomy, as a urinary bladder or stomach substitute, and for the treatment of short bowel syndrome are discussed.

I see a possible clilnical application for this: PE! I’m not proposing stretching the tissue of your penis via an inflatable silicone balloon, but instead by PE exercises.


Probably the most convincing argument that PE is possible is Megalophallus. Megalophallus is a rare condition where the penis remains enlarged because of priapism. Priapism is a persistent, usually painful, erection that lasts for more than four hours and occurs without sexual stimulation. The condition develops when blood in the penis becomes trapped and unable to drain. Sickle cell anemia patients have experienced this condition as a side effect of the disease. This is also a rare side effect of prescription erection enhancement medication. Hence, the warning “seek medical attention if you experience an erection over 4 hours.” In rare cases with sickle cell anemia or prescription drugs, permanent penis size increases can be experience because of prolonged erections. Basically, the penis becomes larger because the internal tissue is stretched or stressed beyond normal limits or duration. This seems to me to be the core of PE exercises: stress the tissue of the penis to increase its size.


It seems to me that what PE is trying to accomplish is stressing and stretching the smooth muscle tissue of the penis to increase its size. There are many examples that illustrate how smooth muscle tissue can be increased in size. Gastroplasty patients have inadvertently stretched their stomachs to increase their food intake, scientists have experimented with tissue expansion in order to create more tissue for surgical applications, and diseases like sickle cell anemia have directly illustrated that penis enlargement does in fact happen when the smooth muscle tissue of the penis is stretched and stressed over long periods. Based on this evidence, I conclude that PE is in fact possible. It may not be the miracle over night cure for your manhood woes, but through hard work and dedication, you can in fact increase the size of your penis. This shit works as long as you have the balls, energy, and time to really put it to the test.


Based on the Megalophallus example, I think clamping is an effective method of increasing penis size. In clamping, you basically trap blood in the penis, to create an erection that lasts for a long time—an artificially induced priapism. CAUTION for all you newbies out there: read all the posts on clamping from veteran PE’ers before proceeding. Priapism is described as an erection that lasts for four hours. I would never attempt to clamp my cock for 4 hours as it would probably die and fall off from lack of oxygen. However, there are methods described on this site that explain how to clamp. One effective way of clamping is to only clamp for 10 minutes, rest for 5 and repeat many times. To be effective, lube yourself up, watch some porn and get really aroused so your erection is much bigger than it normally would be. Basically the extra arousal along with clamping the blood into the penis will force an “out of the ordinary” erection—a rock hard superection. This will help to stretch and expand the tissue to abnormal size. You will actually be able to see the difference after doing this for an hour or so. I know, this stuff takes time. Your cock will actually become pliable and stretchy during the later part of your workout and you will be able to feel and see the difference in size. This is not a permanent gain right away as the penis returns to almost normal after a few hours or overnight. However, over time, the slight permanent increase after each workout will become noticeable. Another technique is to not work yourself to orgasm during or after your workout. If you don’t have an orgasm, you’ll still be aroused for the next workout and the next……keep yourself at the height of arousal each workout so you can get an extremely hard cock. After all, it’s all about stretching and stressing that tissue so you mock the effects of a priapism to achieve MEGACOCK status.

Prolonged and consistent clamping while keeping safety in mind seems to me to be the best way of mimicking a priapism. Remember, the result effect of priapism is MEGALOPHALLUS. Isn’t that what we all want, a MEGACOCK and performing an exercise that most closely resembles the cause of MEGACOCK is the best method for achieving that MEGACOCK. I’m all for that.

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