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Hi all, first “New Post” for some time now, very sensitive topic which I feel has never been really addressed with life in general!

A year ago, my long time partner of 35 years, “my wife” which I love dearly, started experiencing the beginning stages of Menopause. (My apologies if this has been discussed over the years whilst I have been inactive with this site.)
We have all heard of this condition, it`s when women age and lose interest in sex due to the aging process plus the body changes, we`ve all heard friends or relatives mention this over the years but never really unearthed the condition and discussed in depth, the effect it has on a relationship, in my case, 35 years.

To share some personal info, I met my partner when I was 16 going on 17 years, she had just turned 19 years of age, we have two lovely daughters, 18 and 21 years old.
I have been very fortunate, she is my best friend first, wife and mother second, lover third…..The intimate side to our relationship has been amazing over the years but 2016 threw a curve ball, called Menopause. We both knew this was going to happen but to the extent of how and to what extreme was very difficult and confusing to me especially.
Up until this point, we would have sex at least 2-3 times per week but that changed to 2-3 times per month….My wife being a very private and contented person accepted it but didn`t really discuss her true feelings to me and immersed herself in work and other activities which resulted in no intimate time and I suspected she was having an affair….I know this sounds selfish but I couldn`t understand what she was thinking as she always avoided discussing this and at times I became frustrated and angry…..We both are very loyal people and to avoid discussing feelings, I was frustrated even more, there was a few heated arguments, tension around us and family.
I am 51 years old, 52 this year, to be honest, I look late 30`s……I get this unique gene pool from my mum who is 73 but looks late 50ish. I have always been very fit, participated in a lot of competitive sport, work as a Personal Trainer and actively involved in the Fitness Industry for a long time.
I am sexually active at 51 as I was at 25, 30 years old…..My wife is healthy but finds it hard to stick to routine so she`s carrying some excess weight but still plays some sport, I would not say she is sedentary or inactive.

“Now” to keep the peace and respect and accept her wishes to be intimate once or twice per month, I find this very difficult and at times have considered other options which I won`t elaborate on…..Don`t worry, I will never go there…..”LOYAL!”
This has been one of the main reasons to get back in to P.E and Thunders as it can be a way of stimulating mindsets that encourage me to look forward to the 1-2 times per month and possibly add some more size which could be challenging and healthy for us both…..
I have managed to maintain my measurements over the years, 8”x6” who knows, 10”x6” was always a target.

The main reason for posting this is to be aware and discuss feelings with your partners, wives, husbands etc because I guarantee this condition and lack of understanding has resulted in Domestic Violence, Marriage Breakups, Broken Families, Suicide…….
“Feel the Peace and Discuss”
(Sorry if this is has been posted in the wrong area “Moderators”)

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Thanks for sharing!

My wife went through menopause too. It made her a little less stretchy, and sex with a big dick was more uncomfortable. To compensate, she takes a low dose estrogen replacement pill. It made sex more comfortable, and increased her sex drive.

One thing that she felt about menopause is that she felt less sexy. Constant assurances helped, but I also found it important to put more emotional energy into the relationship, and look for interesting and different things to do together.

Why not surprise her and ask her to marry you? It is probably the most romantic thing you could do. Even if she says no, she will love you for just asking.

Live long and prosper.

I am turning 75 later this month and my wife is 72. Accordingly, we passed menapause quite a few years ago. Perhaps because we are retired and have no set schedule, but we are having more sex now than when we were first married - penetration about six days a week, but only orgasm once a week. I guess you can’t have everything as you age.

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My wife is going through the beginning stages of menopause now too but she’s taken the initiative to supplement with hormone replacement which works wonders.

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Thanks for sharing!

Ernie Banks - We are married, have been for 11 years now, all good there!

Supplements have been suggested but she doesn`t believe they will work, very reserved…..

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My wife and i are 38. She had a complete hysterectomy, so forced into menopause, about 5 years for reasons I won’t go into. She is on the hormonal replacement. She says she rarely feels sexual urges now and doesn’t think about sex anymore. However she makes it a point to make time for sex twice a week and she thoroughly enjoys it. It’s still great for her she just doesn’t have the drive to “need” it. It can be frustrating but life is what is and you got to work together in relationships to make it function it’s best.


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