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My new girl loves it.

My new girl loves it.

Thank God! After years with a bitchy size queen, I finally started getting back out on the market. I have yet to have sex with a girl who hasn’t told me that I’m ‘big’ since. Rumors are getting out about my member and I’m in heaven. I made my new girl squirt a couple minutes ago! She claims it’s her first time. I don’t care either way! It was amazing!

I can’t believe I spent years with someone who ridiculed my dick for so long. Only to leave her and have everything turn around completely. I can only imagine how big the guy was she was comparing me too, but hey, everyone needs their reasons for PE. Maybe some day I’ll catch up. Hah.

Here’s to better sex!


Dude, your really big. Finally getting some respect I see. Good luck & I hope the gains keep on coming for you. We are about the same size, but I want more. What is your end goal?

What were your original stats and what to you mainly attribute gains to?

Thanks gamer. I appreciate that.
I’ve always been a huge gaming nerd, so your username gives me a warm feeling.

More.. hmm. I always told myself I wanted a 9 or even a 10 incher. Something about growing up watching my dads John Holmes movies. I really think it’s time to start focusing on girth as well. My volume is something like 300-325 cm cubed, so even adding an extra half inch or inch in girth would be massive.

9” x 6.5” would make me pretty happy.


I’m going for 9 (or 9.25) X 6 (or 6.25) for my final goal. I currently sit 3/4” & 1/2” away. Good luck.

It’s hard to say, since I’ve been doing PE on and off for years.

But i distinctly remember being in high school and measuring my dick at 7” long.


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