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New penis enlargement surgery?

New penis enlargement surgery?

I read The National Enquirer from time to time while waiting in the grocery line, and I was flipping through the Feb. 6th edition when I happened to come across an interesting article on page 36. (Just for reference, this is the issue with Angelina Jolie’s sonogram on the cover.)

Here is what the article says…


Penile enhancements may soon rival boob jobs as a popular cosmetic procedure. A new treatment developed by urologists in Serbia and Montenegro is said to be safer and more successful than current techniques. The new procedure, tested on 84 men so far, removes skin cells from the scrotum and artificially grows them, molding them into the correct shape. The penis is “de-gloved” and the new tissue is transplanted onto it, giving it extra girth.

Anyone hear anything on this yet? It’s been a while since i’ve done some hardcore forum browsing, and I don’t know if this has been covered.

Consider the source. :)



Originally Posted by avocet8
Consider the source. :)

Yeah…after you said it was from the National Enquirer, this article lost any possible validity it could’ve had. . I did some searching and came up with this. Interesting…..

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This was the first article that popped up when when I did a search.

You know, the Enquirer isn’t Weekly World News. You shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss this! They aren’t the only ones reporting this story.

Interesting, I hope to hear more about this procedure in the future and the costs of it aswell.

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I did a search one time for “penis cells”. I can’t remember why, but the search showed an article that seemed to be legit. It was about some scientists who successfully enlarged the penises of rabbits. They did this by taking a few of their penis cells, then growing them in a lab and putting them back on the rabbit penises. I remember the article saying they would probably start human trials in about 10yrs. The article was written in 2002. If you were to do a search for penis cells at any search engine I’m sure you could find the article.

To be honest, this surgery sounds just as frightening as the other methods. I just wouldn’t trust a doctor to remove the entirety of my penis’s skin, and then graft some new sheath onto it. There are just waaaay too many nerves to reconnect, and I would be too afraid of losing sensation. The reason I’m looking into PE is to make one part of myself as attractive to females as possible, to maximize the likelihood of sex with any given one of them, and to maximize their pleasure during the act, so as to make repeat occasions more likely.

But if I can’t feel the sensations of sex, what the hell is the point? I would become just a super-realistic-skin dildo with a 300 pound lump of flesh attached to one end. That would just annoy the fuck right out of me.

Another thing. If you graft thicker skin onto it to make it bigger around, wouldn’t that make it noticeably softer when erect? I mean skin is nowhere near as rigid as a fully expanded set of corpae with healthy tunicae.

Sorry, it sounds like just another corny counterfeit cock contrivance. Like a guy getting pec or butt implants to make himself look stronger, but then it turns out he can’t bench or squat more than 20 pounds, and pulls a muscle getting a quart of milk out of the fridge.

I totally agree with you about having penis surgery. There is way too much that can go wrong. However I do still find it interesting.

You posted “If you graft thicker skin onto it to make it bigger around, wouldn’t that make it noticebly softer when erect? I mean skin is nowhere near as expanded as a fully expanded set of corpae with healthy tunica.”

This article is about growing penis cells “corpora cavernosa”. Not regular skin cells. That is why it is interesting. The article is at

Shit, Rob, you weigh 300?

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Smileydog: How do cells from scrotal skin become corpora cavernosa cells?

I don’t know, something about the idea of “degloving” the dick just don’t set right with me.

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Big Girtha,

Obviously their not using cells from scrotal skin. In the fourth paragraph of the article that I posted, it says they remove penile cells to grow the implant tissue. I can only assume that they are talking about copora cavernosa cells. In fact, no where in the article does it mention anything about scrotal skin. This is not the same article that SaveTheSane mentioned from National Enquirer. This article seems to be very legit, if you scroll up a couple of posts you can read it for yourself.

I personally don’t like the idea of having my penis degloved either. However, for the thousands of people out their who have already done this using alloderm or skin grafts it seems like it could have much more potential.

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