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Yes, I very much agree with you. It is wrong to say that “Asians are small” and “Blacks are big” but there most certainly are small differences in average amongst different races. If you look through a lot of East Asian penis studies (from China, Korea, etc.) you will see that their average is slightly less than the average in let’s say the USA, UK, or Europe. I’ve looked through numerous East Asian penis studies (China, Korea, etc.) and most of them put the average erect girth at 4.25-4.5 inches, and the average erect length at 5 inches NBPEL max (no more than 5 inches NBPEL)- and I’ve come to this conclusion after researching multiple East Asian penis studies. On the other hand, studies from the USA, UK, or Europe put the average slightly higher than this- they mostly put the average erect girth at 4.75-5 inches, and the average erect length at 5.5 inches NBPEL. So, from what I’ve studied (and I’ve studied a lot about this), on average, there’s a ~0.5 inch difference (in both erect girth and erect length) between East Asians (China, Korea, etc.) and non-Asians from places such as USA, UK, or Europe.

The same doesn’t exactly apply to India, eventhough their average is slightly less too (compared to USA, UK, Europe, etc.). I mean, the only proper Indian penis study I’ve ever come across put the average length at 5.1 inches NBPEL, and the average girth at 4.5 inches. Now that is, on average, slightly above the East Asian average, and slightly below the average from USA, UK, Europe, etc. So, I would say that Indians fall somewhere between East Asians and non-Asians from USA, UK, or Europe.

On the other hand, I am Pakistani, and we belong to the same ethnicity as Indian people (because Pakistan and India used to be one country up until 1947). And I am approximately 6 inches NBPEL, 6.5 inches BPEL, and 4.5 inches in girth. Now, I probably lean more towards the average from places such as the USA, UK, or Europe rather than East or South Asia.

Again, these are all my observations.

You are right bro I m also from pakistan and I have now NBPEL = 6.37 inch BPEL = 7 inch and EG = 4.8 inch.