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Olive Oil, Not Just For PE Anymore

Plus, I really hope you don’t have hair on your salami. If you worry so much about olive oil, just keep it off your huevos and you’ll be fine.

Something I’ve experienced with olive oil is that after my PE routine

I find that my penis smells, so I apply a few drops to my glans and

The smell disappears instantaneously.

So you say that it makes your skin and face softer.did the skin on your penis also get softer? I guess it’s a good suggestion to use on skin and I will have to try adding this to my jelqing routine

"If you build it, They will cum"

For Mediterraean peoples olive oil is almost the only oil we use to cook (also in Portugal, Galicia and other Atlantic parts of the Iberian Peninsula).

In Southern Spain the traditional breakfast consisted of toast with olive oil and salt (and perhaps a glass of milk or a coffee), and even now it’s very common to see that in snack bars and cafés.

But it’s used for a some other things. I remember that when I was a child and had earache my mother put some lukewarm drops of olive oil into my ear and that soothed the pain.

You can also use it as an aftershave lotion and as a moisturizer, gently massaging your face and removing the excess of oil with a piece of cotton wool.

Even in the past both men and women applied olive oil to their hair to keep it healthy (nobody does it now…!).

I have read that some people make a facial scrub simply mixing olive oil and sugar.

It’s an ingredient of gazpacho, mayonnaise (from Mahó, in Minorca, the Balearic Islands) or the catalan sauce all i oli (literally ‘garlic and oil’).

It’s also a nice aftersun lotion. A massage with olive oil (perhaps with some drops of lemon or essential oils) cleanses the skin and makes it smooth and elastic. Well, and a tablespoonful of olive oil helps in case of constipation…

Originally Posted by C.phantasy
Dihydrotestosterone - Wikipedia
It blocks the DH-Testosterone when it gets absorbed by the penile tissue.

Dht blocking is great for recovering “hair” but it sucks for PE.

There is not one shred of legitimate evidence to suggest that olive oil blocks or suppresses dht. Not one little bit. I searched all through pubmed and everywhere else reputable studies are posted. Nothing.

All there is are a few baseless posts on forums with zero references provided, and one very suspect post on a site selling hair loss remedies with again ZERO references.

Olive oil has had a hell of a lot of research done on it, in many different fields. If it had this property, I think it would have come out by now.

Starting Stats - 5.5 BPEL x 5.6 EG

Current Stats - 5.7 BPEL x 6.5 EG

Goal - 7 x 6 (with hopefully a large flaccid hang)

I use

I use Albolene fragrance free when jelq.


I dont believe that olive oil blocks Dht testosterone.

This is utter nonesense.

Start Nov/17/2016 BPFSL 5.31 BPEL 5.31 NBPEL 5.07 EHG 3.75 EMG 4.48 EBG 4.80

Now Dec/5/2018 BPFSL 8.04 Standing BPEL 7.64 Sitting BPEL 7.92 /6.7-7.2 Standing BP usable for sex /6.8-7.3 Sitting BP usable for sex / standing NBPEL 5.83 sitting NBPEL 6.03 EHG 4.61 EMG 5 EBG 5.12 EHG width 1.51 EMG width 1.66 EBG width 1.55

New Goal BPFSL 8.5 BPEL 8 NBPEL 6 5 EMG 5.5 EBG 5.6 EHG 5


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