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Papaya pre-P-Shot

Papaya pre-P-Shot

Long time no chat, folks. Hope you’ve been keeping well in the decade or so since I’ve been a regular in these parts.

I went in for the P-shot about a week back. (How did it go? Early signs are good but it’s supposed to do its work in the month or two after the shot, as size gains go, so too early to say.)

The week before the shot the doc sent me in to get a CBC, a Complete Blood Count, to make sure I’d have a high enough platelet count to see results. So the thought drops into my head, “Of course, platelets are the active agent. More platelets should give stronger results. What can I do to increase my platelet count?”

And it turns out that there’s a well-researched herbal to do that. That’s unusual. Most herbals have weak evidence that they do what the claims say they do. By the time they’re properly studied, a pharma company is footing the bill and keeping the results to themselves. If there’s an active chemical that works and can be isolated, they’ll get a patent on the active chemical. A new drug is born, and the shareholders are happy. Profiting off a plant that can’t be patented doesn’t work so well, so the studies showing that one plant works or fails rarely gets published.

But it turns out that papaya leaf extract is a known treatment for dengue fever. It works by raising platelet counts. It’s actually well studied and the studies have been published.

Behold, published, peer-reviewed studies:

The study with the pretty graph (Short version: It takes a little over a week of drinking papaya leaf extract once-a-day for your platelet counts to more than double. Start drinking this stuff two weeks before your procedure to give it plenty of time to work.)
Does Carica papaya leaf-extract increase the platelet count? An experimental study in a murine model - PMC

Toxicity study (Short version: Papaya leaf dehydrates you. Drink lots of water, kids.)
http://www.acad emicjournals.or … m%20et%20al.pdf

There’s plenty more studies beyond those. Head on over to, search for “papaya leaf platelet” or whatever combination of keywords you dream up and you’ll find more.

Making the extract is easy. You get a big bag of dried papaya leaves from a reputable source. (Sorry folks, no links here. Thunder’s Place has always had a hyperactive immune systems to stop scammers from profiting. I’m not going to risk getting my account shut down by posting links to anything you could spend money on. You’ll have to do your own research there.) Soak the leaves in cold water for half an hour. Pour it through a mesh. Wash your hands. Squeeze the leaves out by hand. Drink up all the liquids.

The flavor is mild and vegetal. A little bitter. If you can enjoy a hoppy beer, it’s nothing you’ll mind.

How much? I was dosing myself with 3 or 4 heaping soup-spoons worth in a like volume of water. Later, I got a proper scale to weigh it on, and found out I was only doing 1/3 the recommended dose for treating dengue, 50g of leaves extracted per day.* I’m planning to head back in for a second shot 8 weeks after the first, in early January, and I’ll start a proper dose of 50g leaves extracted per day two weeks before that treatment. I might also ask the doc to run a second CBC on me then, to see if there are visible results. My original CBC, before I started drinking the extract, put my platelet count around 250. Anything between 150 and 400 is in the normal, healthy range.

So yeah, it’s not as if I did this properly scientifically. But even if I did, I’m just one data point. So I’m casting the idea onto the wind here. Anybody else want to join me in human-guinea-pig land and share their results?

To restate:

The active agent in the P-shot is (presumably) your body’s own platelets. This assumes the P-shot is even effective. (So far I think yes.)
It’s a reasonable guess that more platelets is a good thing, if you’re going in for the P-shot.
If you’re doing any other kind of PE, this shouldn’t have any effect on you. Don’t jump your platelet count for no reason. Your body is probably keeping platelet levels where they ought to be for day-to-day health and having more platelets probably isn’t a good thing without a specific reason.
Based on the studies in mice and dengue fever patients, 50g of papaya leaves extracted into cold water for 30 minutes, wrung out, and the juice drunk should be a reasonable dose. Start taking this 2 weeks before your procedure to give the extract time to work.
If we’re going to get any data worth talking about, we’ll need to get a CBC test to get a platelet count before starting the extract, and 2 weeks after drinking the extract daily, to see what difference it made.
If you’re doing this, drink plenty of water. Papaya leaf extract is dehydrating.

= = = = = = = =

* The 50g leaves extracted once-per day dose recommendation came from another study that I’m failing to dig back out, now that I’m writing this. I’m finding plenty of other studies that used different doses, some twice-a-day or every eight hours. I’m planning to stick with 50g, one dose per day, first thing in the morning, to keep it simple.

Follow-up thoughts:

Outside of this, I made sure to eat a healthy, varied diet made up of whole unprocessed foods with lots of ingredients rich in Vitamins A, the B vitamins, C, D, and K2. Also plenty of iron and protein. Those are the nutrients most needed for healthy blood production. What does that translate to IRL? Lots of broccoli, carrots, chicken and salmon. Liver for iron, if you like that. (A big yuck from me, but molasses in my coffee made an OK substitute as an iron source.) Add legumes for B-vitamins.

I try to get into the gym and weight train every chance I can. 5 strong workouts a week is my ideal, 3 or 4 is all I’m getting with my current schedule, really.

I make an effort to bed down early, at a consistent time, so I’ve left myself more than 8 hours to get to sleep and stay asleep every night. I rarely achieve this ideal, but I try.

At the first treatment, the doc commented on how healthy my blood was (based on the color and flow, I guess?) so maybe that was just smalltalk and bedside manner, but probably she was basing it on something. So let’s assume healthy living counts for something.

Almost took my tax refund last year and got the P shot. Already started to take Papaya Leaves well because I was into body building and know what Papaya leave do and how the P shot works. Decide to save my money becuause I believe the P shot is a gimmick

Why = So they tell you that you can get up to 3-4 P shots a year which is complete BS it’s only plasma you can to it a million times if you wanna. Compete BS save your money.

Skepticism is healthy. Most PE products are snake oil. This one could be that, too. But there have been a handful of studies published regarding PRP for ED, and I’m inclined to believe that if the claims that it treats ED are backed up by peer reviewed evidence, it’s not much of a leap to think that the claims it increases size by the same mechanism are plausible.

A couple of journal articles re: PRP vs ED.
[PDF] Optimization of platelet‐rich plasma and its effects on the recovery of erectile function after bilateral cavernous nerve injury in a rat model | Semantic Scholar

That last author, Wu, has been particularly prolific on regarding PRP vs. ED. Of the handful of articles he published, that one was available fulltext.

…and here’s an article specifically claiming increases in size:
https://www.jsm … 0656-7/fulltext

Significantly less gains than the best cases cited in the advertising literature. I’m not surprised there. Yet still significantly better than most folks see from 6 months of pumping alone.

Could it still be snake oil? Totally. I’ve seen enough evidence though that I was happy to give it a go. So in another couple months I should be able to say if it worked for me or not. And I’m planning to go in for multiple treatments, so even if results per shot are as minor as in that last paper, I should still end up with enough compound results to say, if it works.

I am going to get the P shot because I have lost sensitivity and suffer from delayed ejaculation. The doctor is promising noticable gains in size and erection quality… All of that would be more than welcomed.. .For me it is about restoring sensation to the glans. It is not snake oil science. PRP activates growth. PRP heals. PRP removes scar tissue. So if you are looking for vascular growth or regeneration… There is a plethora of science to justify getting a P shot.

The easiest way to increase platelets is intermittent hypoxia.

I used to be a regular platelet donor. I used intermittent hypoxia to increase my platelets. I used a pulse oximeter and a freezer ziploc bag, though there are much better set ups. Basically, I breathe into the bag until my blood oxygen level goes to about 85%, then I remove the bag and breathe normally for a while, then repeat a few times. I think it takes a few days for blood parameters to go up, but I’m not sure about the time frame. Under 85% oxygen is dangerous. To get to 85% in a healthy person using this method one will experience pain as CO2 builds up in their body temporarily, better methods remove CO2 from the recirculated air. Someone should not use this method if they have dark skin (pulse oximeters might not read correctly), painted nails, or something unusual with their cardiovascular system.

This also increases the number of red blood cells. It’s how the smarter elite athletes get around blood doping rules.

Starting: 7"bplx5.2" 2017 (shrunk from disuse)(originally 8"bplx4.5", gained to 9"bplx6")

Current: 9.0"bplx6.125" 2020

Goal: 11.5"bplx7" 2021.

Been a while since I checked in here.

Short version:
I’ve now received the p-shot four times. For me, it appears to average about 1/8” girth increase per dose, when combined with disciplined pumping. I have had no length increases.


After four shots, I’ve gone from ~5.0” girth to ~5.5” girth. I’m dubious that I’ve had any length changes; if I have, it’s been a slight shrinkage, but too little to be sure of.

My third shot was the least effective. I’m dubious I got even an entire 1/8” out of it, even. I could suspect many different reasons for the disappointing results from this one. To list off the variables that changed with shot #3: I skipped the papaya leaf preparation. I went to a new provider, who threw in a GainsWave treatment as a freebie before the p-shot. There was the longest time-lapse between shots #2 & #3, so it might just be that some of the gains from the earlier shots had worn off and were being rebuilt by shot #3, making it look weaker when it actually wasn’t.

My fourth shot was less than a month ago, so the gains from that one are still speculative, but looking optimistic. For that one I tried to eliminate the changes from shot #3: treatment: No gainswave, yes papaya leaf. The one new variable I introduced this time was asking my provider to double the dose: Instead of spinning 60mL of blood down to 9mL of PRP for injection, make it 120mL spun down to 18mL for injection. My reasoning is I’ve got double the volume of tissue down there as the average guy, the dose should be doubled to treat it at full strength. My provider initially was hesitant, and I didn’t push hard, and they came around to agreeing.

I’ve noticed many men who get the p-shot pursuing gains getting angry and declaring it to be a fraud. My best guess as to why my experience has been different is that it’s just that the p-shot is much weaker than claimed, but it does help. And I never expected anything else. If your expectations of how much growth you’re going to get are far, far lower, you’re better set up to stick with it and succeed. Further, there’s a few days about 2 weeks after the shot where the gains seem to go away entirely, as the PRP has all been absorbed but new tissue growth is far from mature. If you give up then and stop pumping, I’d speculate you’ve probably cemented 1/16” gains at best, which is easy to write off as nothing more than improved erectile quality.

This has been a predictable timeline for me: The morning after you get the shot, you have an immediate gain of ~1/8” girth, but this is “preview mode”. You’re going to have to pump to convert it to permanent gains. And be ready for a few days around the two week mark when the gains appear to have vanished entirely. They will come back, but you’re going to need to stay disciplined about pumping. Don’t get angry and give up.

It’s entirely possible that my gains are not from the PRP, but are nothing more than disciplined pumping together with de-conditioning breaks between treatments. (After 6 or 8 weeks of pumping, I’m happy to reclaim that time for other things.) But I don’t think that’s what’s happening. The PRP definitely increases erectile quality, and being “ready to go”, which can only help with pumping. For a couple weeks after the treatment, I’m sometimes woken in the night by the sense of pressure inside my night erection; the “packed sausage effect”. I’ve only ever gotten that maybe one other time before, without PRP. So I persist in thinking that the PRP helps, but should be combined with pumping, per the recommended treatment.

I’ve always been a “hard gainer” and that this is working at all is noteworthy. I’ve tried pumping before, and couldn’t point to results without the addition of PRP. Granted, I was less disciplined then, too, so skepticism about if the PRP is truly the key change is still fair.

It should go without saying that this is expensive, and I’m personally OK with that because I went into this knowing that I’d be OK spending the cost of an economy car, split up over years, to get the results if it worked. So far the results are on track for that.

My current focus is not giving into the temptation to overdo the pumping: Not to go over 7mmHg, not to go so long that edema is significant after the session, not doing another session until any edema is re-absorbed. I’m toying with the hypothesis here that these excesses could be another factor sabotaging gains after shot #3.

Hello fellow PRP Guinea pig….I have a thread on my PRP experiments as well. I am convinced that coupling the shot with Trimix or some similar erection inducing compound helps more of the PRP stay in the CC tissue, and that follow up with only Trimix to maximize erection with gentle pumping creates expansion of the tunica. There can be pain in the pump with a drug induced erection, but I am convinced that is the tunica straining to expand from within, versus only from the outside vacuum application.

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