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PE addiction


Originally Posted by quickbeam1213
Actually Audacia, my parents have found out before against my wishes and weren’t happy. That’s why I’m doing it on the sly.

How did they find out? And dude you’re an adult, fuck your parents, do whatever makes you happy.

What’s your definition of adult, Audacia?

Originally Posted by theleviathan
It’s funny you wrote this exactly while I was defining the same thing as my addiction.

Well, like I said, I don’t consider it an addiction. Internet, that I’m addicted to. Gym too, probably. I get nervous and feel bad about myself if I don’t work out. But PE, I can do without that. I won’t stop not because I can’t, but because then I wouldn’t reach my goal.

Adoring my penis doesn’t make me addicted to PE. I just really like the results of PE and that makes me adore it so much. :)

All in all, PE is a positive thing for me.

Originally Posted by theleviathan
“I’ve come so far, why no more?”.

It becomes a dangerous addiction

I fail to see any danger in this scenario whatsoever. Is it dangerous to have too big of a wang? Not really.

Anyway, if having more makes you want more then count me as dangerously addicted to sex, money, and success, experience, knowledge, etc, as well as PE.

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Originally Posted by marinera
What’s your definition of adult, Audacia?

18+ That’s the age you have to be to join this forum. It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a few newbies younger who don’t post much though. If I discovered this forum when I was like 15 I’d probably of signed up too.


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