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PE and music - how to get the most of it

PE and music - how to get the most of it

I have failed to see a detailed discussion on the forum regarding how listening to music might improve your PE experience.

I. “PE with music or without it?”

1. Reasons for not using music:
A). For some people concentration is extremely important in performing certain PE exercises. They state that your connection with your mind is a crucial to the added value of the exercises. Music could thus be seen as a perturbing factor.
B). If you stealth PE, in some cases you cannot use the music.
C). You don’t like music, or, you only like genres that would probably be unfitted for PE.

2. Reasons for using music:
A). A properly rhythmed (is there’s such an English word) music, will add to the quality of the rhythm and consistency of the moves for the repetitive exercises.
B). A properly chosen playlist will work like a timer for your routine, and eliminate the need to keep looking at the watch / mobile phone’s time etc, and it will allow you to look more at your penis (in fact quite contrary to the effect described in part I.1.a).
C). Will sometimes “force” / “help” you to do exercises that you do but sometimes you decide to skip or shorten because you don’t really like them. Classical e.g.: kegels.
D). Eliminates boredom.
E). May elevate your spirit (including through the female voices in the house tracks), and may make the PE experience more intimate, and eventually improve that connection with yourself (see I.1.a).

II. What should be the main characteristics of the music you listen during PE?

In essence, it should try to bring as many of the benefits listed in section I.2., and being from a genre you love listening to. Despite having rhythm, it should be sufficiently low key and relaxing to keep you focused on PE.

III. My experience

Lately, during my PE session I have been listening to a great Soulful House online radio station. You can find the stream here:

Most of the soulful / vocal / deep house songs have beats that are great for jelqing purposes. Also, the overall feeling generated by these songs is upbeat, energetic and happy.

Of course, depending on the rhythm of the existing song, you can adapt your exercises (which may be good for the variety). For example, for songs for slower rhythms you can fit stronger, longer jelqs.

In this respect, I have invented the following type of modified jelq (but I think I will try open a new thread on this topic, to trying to gather on knowledge of modified jelqs, because I’m sure many people have something interesting to share):

Tempo 8: You create overhand grips with one hand at the base of the penis (lower hand) and one at the top (1 inch below the glans).

Tempos 1 and 2: Exactly on the beats, you squeeze the penis with both hands, while in between tempos 8-1 and 1-2 you kegel more blood in the penis.

Tempos 3-4: You start jelqing with the lower hand, upper hand still squeezes the penis and is fixed.

Tempos 5-6: You continue your jelq with your lower hand, but the upper hand has been released exactly at tempo 5.

Tempos 7 and 8. You finish the jelqing at tempo 7, and start preparing for the next jelq in tempo 8 (as shown above).

Just to mention that you do rotate the roles of the hands, I.e. The lower hand became now the upper hand and will stay there.

One can notice that the “rest” hand only gets to rest only 2 tempos, so it is a bit tiring on the hands overall. But it’s much more intense than a jelq. Suggestion is to open you palm wide open on tempos 6 and 7 (when that hand is free).

But sometimes the radio plays tracks where I cannot connect with the rhythm, and I simply jelq out of rhythm (which is annoying), or start a 5 min clamping session (I would mention that the average length of the songs on this particular radio is 5 - 7 minutes).

It thus must be decided if it is best to go with the live radio songs, or to extract a set of your favorites (after using Streamripper to save them locally), and to either arrange them in a playlists, or randomize them, knowing that all are useful for something in your routine. Alternatively, you can clearly order the playlist for a very strict routine, and then add new songs (and delete others) as you change your routine.

What is your impression on this?
What are your experiences in this respect?

Wow, I really didn’t think it was that hard. If you want a bigger dick I assumed you wouldn’t need music to keep yourself entertained.

Then again I do prefer to listen to music while I run, so maybe what that does for me, it does for others in PE.

I also follow a less is more routine, so my whole PE sessions last about 10-15 minutes every other day. Fantastic results thus far though.

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I am so glad you made such a great post on the subject last night I realized how much better my routine was going when I had on music that put me in a dancing mood. Relaxing and low music I don’t feel would benefit my PE personally but music you would find in a dance club kinda puts me in the mood to strip which in turn motivates me to have a bigger penis.

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A bit off topic, but…

A really cool thing to do during PE is to learn a language. Pimsleur/Rosetta Stone offer audio-only courses where you repeat phrases and learn how to speak a language. It works pretty well. Each lesson is 30 minutes which is perfect for PE. Imagine all those hours you log yanking on your dick: if you do it for 45 hours, that right there is 90 lessons (all the way through advanced). No wonder I learned Mandarin, Spanish, and Turkish in one year of PE!! (Just kidding, but the possibility is there).

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Just like some nice music helps in the gym ,I agree some good music will help during PE too.

Esc good tip :)

I think you have a bit too much time on your hands.

Just think what the 1812 overture will do for you! :buttrock:

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