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PE Raising Testosterone Levels

PE Raising Testosterone Levels

I feel like PE potentially raises my testerone levels. While I do PE iam very aroused and horny, and since almost all the time I do not cum afterwards, I tend to almost feel some sort of rush, or amped up ness after my routine, similar to how I would feel after a good squat or deadlift exercise. Add this up from PEing almost everyday, and perhaps with time this could have a positive affect on your test levels.

How do you guys feel about this? Let’s talk.

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I’m always horny. I’m not sure if PE exacerbates it or helps to control it, lol.

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I think we can...Little Engine’s Climb

It has been shown that set or masturbation increases testosterone. Perhaps PE increases your libido which, in turn, increases your testosterone.

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Probably yes, indirectly.

But i have to cum regularly if i want to stay horny.

No (or too less) sex/masturbation really kill my libido even if i do PE.

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Depends on the amount of time. I like to cum after a good session.

I’ve never really noticed anything from PE, but I have from starting to work out/lifting weights again.

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Originally Posted by Makehergocrazy
and since almost all the time I do not cum afterwards

Almost certain that what you’re feeling is the outcome of this: penis manipulation without the intended reward, ejaculation.

Upon arousal, the male body is waiting the expel all that energy to proceed with the natural and expected cascade of hormones.

Another reality happens when we block that path and abstain from ejaculation, which I think testosterone doesn’t play a major role into.

I think the hormone involved in these feeling that we’re talking about is dopamine.

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Originally Posted by Lenny
I think the hormone involved in these feeling that we’re talking about is dopamine.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, not a hormone

You can have your Free Testosterone and Serum Testosterone Checked for cheap a few local lab testing facilities. Just google online for that . Then you can know for sure.

I get mine done for around 50 bucks.

Originally Posted by lapsslap

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, not a hormone

Ops, sorry about that. It slipped off.

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After starting to use my Size Genetics Extender 6-8 hours daily I’ve noticed I’ve been waking up with rock hard boners every almost every morning.

Originally Posted by Don Logan

Yeah, it definitely raises some kind of levels and makes me hornier and gives me a shot of energy. I’m not sure if it’s testosterone, per se, but it’s something.

its some sort of mental thing. You feel “better”.

Only way to prove is by: taking a testosterone blood work, but that’s a no brainer..

How’s your sleep been? Any diet changes? Lost any weight? How active are you? Gained any weight(muscles)?

Oh.. This thread is over a year old, woops.

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