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PE with goal of minimizing stretch marks; what cream should I use?

PE with goal of minimizing stretch marks; what cream should I use?

Hi, so I quit doing PE and took a long break because I didn’t like how stretch marks were making my unit look.

This time I am going to go slower, not use such an aggressive grip and use a stretch cream.

So my next step before I restart, is deciding which cream I should use to prevent stretch marks (and fade existing ones, which I’m sure is unlikely).

For those who have any knowledge of preventing stretch marks, and applying cream down there. What do you recommend? I did a search and read through the archives for stretch marks and these are the mentioned creams: cocoa butter, bio oil, uddder cream, vitamin A, and Retin A or whatever you’ve used.

Please guys, which creams do you recommend, or have any experience with? Good or bad? If these are healthy to continue to apply to my penis and what not. THANKS for reading and your time.

Also If possible could this thread get moved to the main section, since the advise I’m asking is not a question for newbies. Thanks

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Hi Craigy,
I’ve moved your post as requested, But I suggest you do a search for ‘stretch marks’, as there is a lot of information spread over a number of sections.

So look forward to a good read :)

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Hey Craigy, I’m sure you’ll find more info on this subject where petitfaun has suggested, but I would like to give you my take on your question anyway.

I heard any type of natural oil or simple lotion will do the trick. You can try using olive oil as your lube for when you wet jelq. Or after a session you can rub some vitamin E oil down there if you like.

I also heard that some woman that go through pregnancy rub lotion on there skin to prevent stretch marks, so I suppose the same would work for preventing stretch marks on your guy.

hope this helps :)

Thanks Petitfaun and iwish6. I actually did the search in topic titles for stretch marks, and read each one and took out those above creams, so now I’m looking for help with which one to choose. Hmm I’ll have to look into olive oil.

Please guys if you have any experience with stretch marks and applying a cream, please offer me some advice. Thanks

Use vitamin E. Puncture the gelcap and apply the vitamin E “gel” to your unit a few times a day.

Thank you kimish. Do you do this and experienced any result?

No input on a cream. But I will relate my experience.

Had a very tight foreskin when I started PE. The exercises stretched the foreskin and some stretch marks did appear. This was a concern but I kept going. Today, I have plenty of foreskin that accommodates my new length and all the exercises I want to do. No stretch marks are visible. In addition, everything feels better with more foreskin.

Lesson of my story: Plenty of foreskin is necessary to do PE. The exercises will create this skin for you. This will result in stretch marks, but they go away after a few months. You will probably enjoy having the extra skin and the new length that comes with it.

You may want to try, and read up on Castor Oil. I have not used it for stretch marks but many people do use it for that. Its great for general healing / antiseptic properties also. It seems to be very soothing for me and reduces irritation. Because of the low molecular weight it is said to be absorbed into the skin quickly and promote healing. I put it on at night before I go to bed. It only costs about $2.50 for a bottle so its worth a shot. Castor oil - Wikipedia

Thanks guys.

Also if it helps the stretch marks I get are brown, and they are permanent.

My stretch marks make my penis look pretty ugly. I have them everywhere, and when my penis is flaccid it looks terrible. Please any advice?

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