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Penis Enlargement Therapist


I think you’d have more success if you mentored or guided someone through a p.e session, akin to hiring a personal trainer for your body(even in person)

What you’re suggesting seems like it might be similar to someone giving you let’s say a 60 pound weight for a bicep curl when you can only handle 30 lbs and then helping you lift it, or giving you a 5 lbs weight when you can handle 20.

It’s a very important connection your brain makes when one is performing an exercise and applying the correct amounts of pressure/lift etc, even in p.e, with the body part in question.

Just gainin one step at a time.

Running a marathon here, not a sprint.

Originally Posted by cantlook
This is as silly as hiring someone to floss your teeth for you daily. Actually, it’s more ridiculous than that as the majority of people believe flossing works at least!

Look at the (relative) handful of people in the world who even know about real PE, compare that to how many are bold enough to even share pictures anonymously, then imagine how many people would be willing to forego their privacy, as well as pay an huge amount of money to a helper every day to come to their home and pull on their dick for an hour. Thats going to be a small number. That’s disregarding issues of possible injury, liability for injury and the fact that the “therapists” would almost certainly have to be men (to have all the insight you are talking about).

Probably the most impractical idea I’ve ever heard.

Is it as silly as hiring a dominatrix to drip hot wax on you and stuff a lit candle in your ass? (Wolf of Wall Street).

People will and do pay for weird, kinky, silly, stupid, etc things all the time.

As far as them having to be men, by that logic — the best pussy lickers must be women (not).

The best pussy lickers are the ones that pay attention to what the other person likes, wants, and needs. The same exact process can be done with a PE Therapist.

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