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Penis Pills , stupid ads, and shame.

Penis Pills , stupid ads, and shame.

There is a particular radio ad for a penis growth pill that cracks me up.

First: they say the pill will make you “thicker AND wider”, which is what women really want.
Isn’t thicker and wider the same thing? What the hell are they talking about?

Second : At the end of the ad they say the product is delivered in discreet packaging so no one will know what it is.

Isn’t this an unspoken admission that the damn things don’t work?
Think about it. If I truly believed that these pills where going to make my dick bigger,
I would want everyone to know I was taking them.
I would want everyone to know - especially women - that in 6 months I am going to have a BIG DICK!

Isn’t the fact that you have to hide them an admission that you are being a foolish sucker?

So I have to ask myself, why then do I still hide my pump and stretching equipment?
Why am I not telling everyone that I do this?
I guess the answer is that I have not seen enough evidence in my own experience that it is working - at least to
A reasonable satisfaction. I have made some definite girth and minor length gains, but not enough to brag about.

If I were to reach my goal of 7 in. Nbp I think I would not be shy about telling anyone about how I did it.
I mean who cares HOW I got a 7 in. Dick? The fact is, I have one, and it is something I would want everyone to know.
Not that I would go around announcing it to everyone I meet, but I would not be embarrassed about it.

I think wider is referring mainly to the horizontal aspect. Thicker could be vertical I suppose.

If people know that you do ANYTHING in an attempt to get a larger dick, some will think you’re insecure. No one wants people to think this of them. Even if methods or products do work, it is also not something you just go around telling everyone about. I’ll wager that most men who order penis pills prefer the discreet packaging even if they think it works.

In a way i agree with quickbeam1213 that he wrote :( If people know that you do ANYTHING in an attempt to get a larger dick, some will think you’re insecure.) But one should not care about what people say when it comes to fitness and health as long as one is not taking drugs such as hormones and steroids ! Wanting to have a bigger and thicker cock the natural way like jelqing and stretching is just like going to the gym and lifting weights, everybody knows and see you at the gym working hard. Ofcourse braging is another story ! I have not seen great results yet but that is because i am a lazy bastard and should train ,jelq, stretch more often and have discipline. Having said that : i do tell my male friend that i am trying jelqing and stretching and want to have a bigger cock as much as i like to get rid of my beer belly and all of my male friends dont think i am insecure and they keep asking all the time if i have seen result, so i better shape up ! Most sane people want to have a better body and a healthy big cock ! There are those who are never satysfied , but for me NBP 20cm x 15cm cock is the ideal and perfect size. Good luck to all of you , proud to want to be healthier and Bigger

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