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Plateau for nearly a year. Is an ADS necessary

Plateau for nearly a year. Is an ADS necessary

Hi guys,
Okay, I’ve been at the 5.9”-6.1” NBPEL mark for almost a year, since February, and I’m really gunning for length. I do exclusively manual work for convenience/cost/laziness reasons. I use an infrared lamp and sometimes hot water for my warm ups and downs. My routine consist of jelqing and a variety of manual stretches and squeezes, 3-4 times a week, 1 hour per session. This past month I’ve been trying to intensify my stretches and use better angles with my stretches. I typically have great PIs (erection quality is excellent, no pain, good morning wood). But my penis doesn’t exactly hang long and pump after a workout.

My question is.. Is my lack of gains due to my penis not healing in an extended state? Right now there’s no way for me to keep it an extended “stretched” state, nor an engorged “plump” state. I don’t want to use an ADS if I don’t have to due to cost and being plain lazy to assemble one myself. But if nothing else can solve my problem, then that’s where I’ll go.

I’ve taken a 2 month decon break this summer and it hasn’t helped break my plateau. Right now my plan is to continue putting pressure on my penis and trying new things without going overboard. What do you guys recommend? Thanks for your responses!

To be blunt GF, if the manual exercises are not having any noticealae effect then it is time to consider some assistance in your routine.

I would favour pumping. But you say you have some constraints over purchasing equipment. So all I can suggest is you do a search to see how other guys have managed , with perhaps dsome more unorthodox exercises.

But I feel the only way to go would be to have some mechanical assistance.
Or perhaps some other members may have ‘secret’ methods of help.

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Have your tried A-stretches? I gained an inch in length from them with just jelqs. Now for the ligaments, you need to really hit them BTC downward stretches. Hanging would be brilliant - but I never had much luck with it myself as my glans runs and hides whenever it sees the hanger.

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

You say you are at a plateau, but how much did you gain when you first started? How deep into it did you start gaining and then stop?

And is this the same routine you’ve been using?

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Petit, yes it may come down to mechanical assistance.

Herballist, no, I haven’t tried A-stretches. A-stretches target the tunica, right? I’ll give those a shot.

GP, I started about 2 years ago at 5.50” IIRC. I gained steadily, through wet jelqing only, to about 6.00” inches, where I currently am. In the last year I’ve added pure stretching sessions.

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