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Needed a better punchline perhaps.

Do not pull your inner penis out, at least not in public.

For the record, the way I understand the anatomy is that the inner penis is very strongly anchored to the pelvic floor muscles at the perineum, and by 2 ligaments joining it to the pubic bone.

The hanging concept of pulling the inner penis out is anatomically referring to stretching from these pubic anchor points - which is primarily external penis.

The internal shaft that is proximal to the pubic ligaments is where the CC’s are anchored in the IC muscles - which are themselves anchored to the pubic ramii bones of the pelvis, right up until the point that they become external. So the inner CC’s aren’t going to budge at all.

The CS is anchored to the BS muscle, which itself is not connected to any bones, only a pelvic tendon.

So in theory, we can gain length in our internal CS, and it is very easy to feel the stretch through the internal CS when doing any upward angle stretching or hanging. In practice though, the CS is connected to those well anchored CC’s - and my understanding is that any inner penis length gains are coming from gains distal to the pubic ligament attachments or at least around that area, i.e. the BTB area.

If you dig your fingers into the sides of your nutsack around the absolute base of the shaft, and press into the pubic bone - external to that point is where almost all PE length gains come from, even hanging gains.

Now that’s pretty far down there, and I guess a lot of people would call it “internal” penis, but I still think of it as external.

I guess I’d say I don’t really think you can gain behind the bottom of the nutsack, all that perineal stuff is very well anchored. But bottom of the nutsack and up can be stretched and squeezed and gained.

Just my opinion man.

This is a very complicated case. You know, a lotta ins, a lotta outs, a lotta what-have-yous.

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