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Reasons why an Upward Curve is a Bad Thing

I have an upward curve, but my wife comes most easily from missionary position. I guess everyone is different.

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Mar 09: (BPEL 7.25) (EG 5.65) | Aug 11: (BPEL 7.25) (EG 5.75)

I have an upward curve and the girls love it. I think it’s especially nice for them when they are grinding on top of it, missionary has always served me well

which I again think has something to do with my curve. Only downside for me is it looks shorter. However it does look more impressive for some reason when

I have a good erection.

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PE for life!

By the way, when I say I have a “fairly noticeable, but not excessive, upwards curve”, this is the degree of curvature I’m talking about:

Oops, sorry Thunder! Noted.

I must concur to the original poster.

I have a slight upward curve and it does affect the BPEL measurement. I find the curve makes penis look smaller.

I think guys with straight-out exit point (where erection stays at 8:30-10 o’clock) angle appears to be the largest. Plus, straight penis makes great for oral and most positions.

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I apologize for bumping an old thread but is there any known method for reducing upward curves?

Quick question, I have upward curvature myself, going from the bottom and straight to the top, like a freakin’ rocket. So when I jelq should I do it up or straight?

And having an upward curvature really gets the job done when it comes to an intercourse no matter how big are you.

The only way I know is wearing an extender for Long hours.

Originally Posted by Hextalled
I apologize for bumping an old thread but is there any known method for reducing upward curves?

Originally Posted by Hextalled
I apologize for bumping an old thread but is there any known method for reducing upward curves?

Do some wet jelqing and at the end of the jelq bend a little downwards (opposite of your curve, don’t overdo or you will hurt yourself ).
Same for stretching. Do more on the down side.
Don’t expect too much but it will do something…

I have a downward curve and I fixed it only a little bit. Barely noticable change..

Starting messurements: 6.0 BPEL , 4.80 MEG ---- June/15

Milestone :7.1 BPEL , 4,85 MEG ---- June/16

Goal (Maybe??): 8.0 BPEL , 5.5 MEG

I have an upward curve too , but it didn’t come naturally. It took me almost a year to make curved 40° on the tip of my penis . Since then my girlfriend gets really turned on and she likes having sex more now I guess having an upward curve isn’t a bad thing after all.

I must humbly submit that I wouldn’t trade my curve for anything. It is truly a blessing and pleasure giver.

Upward Curve Measurements

If you don’t mind me asking, people with an upward curve, how do you measure length? Having an extreme upward curve, I have two measurements, my straightedge length of 7” (I can’t bend the curve at all, its stuck like this), and a measurement using a string of 8”. Your thoughts? I know alot of people think that you should only use a straightedge to measure, and using anything else makes you a fibber and heretic, which is honest how it makes me feel.

I may be missing something about the measurement questions.
Measurements are just a reference tool for you to use to monitor your PE routines.
I think being consistent is the most important thing and I doubt that is as accurate with a string vs a straight edge.

I also have an upward curve, fear more about losing it then keeping it… and I also prefer BPFSL as my primary form of measuring.

I love my upward curve it brings so much pleasure to my loves making them squirt like crazy. A old fuck friend introduced me to a friend of hers named Stella that had recently became single. Our first date was wild we ended up at her friends pad living room making out in the dark with another couple across the room from us getting it on we had all had a few drinks and it was on. I took off her pants and started eating her pussy, it didn’t take long before she came. She tell me that she had never came before this was her first time, I didn’t believe her at first, but she told me that her X would always cum so fast she didn’t know she could cum I was blown away. I asked her if she don’t Jill off and she said no she don’t. When I finally got my cock in her and got to fucking her within 5 minute her freaks out and tells me she feels like she has to pee, I told her just let it happen on the pillow that was on the couch that it wasn’t pee, that is was fluid her pussy made with she came. She was so hooked after that and couldn’t get enough sex, and it didn’t matter where or when we would fuck at niteclubs, the movies in the front yard, one time we fucked at her living room of her apartment with the bay window open for some of the neighbors viewing pleasure. She also love watching ourselves fuck in the big mirrors in her bedroom. She would get on top reverse cowgirl to watch my cock go in and out of her pussy, which really turned her on. We dated for about 7 mouths but her x started showing up and the drama wasn’t worth the pussy so we parted ways and managed to still hook up for some sex where ever we could. This was about 15 years ago and she still calls me once in a while wanting to fuck because no one had still to make her cum like I do with my curvy cock.


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