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Removing discoloration-did work, Traction device did not-again

What was the brand of the wart remover?

I am willing to try it out.

Can you post a link? I hope I can get it here in Germany.


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I just got generic wart remover. CVS wart remover.

It doesn’t really matter the brand. Just so long as it’s 17% salicyclic acid. Thats standard for most wart removers

I did wart remover 17% salicylic acid.

Applied a thick layer onto the dark areas (which was pretty much my whole shaft)

It will turn white. Then I let it stay on for 10 minutes. It burns like hell. ( I may do a 12 minute for my final peel)

After the 10 minutes I applied baking soda to neutralize the acid, and cold water. Thoroughly.

You will end up peeling off the white left over wart remover, and I believe some of what you are peeling off is dead skin.

That day, you will not notice much.
By day 3, everywhere you applied the acid—the skin will turn very dark.
Day 4, some minor peeling.
Day 5-7 a lot of peeling, until all old dead skin is gone.

Lube/lotion your shaft multiple times daily.

I learned all this, from information from another thread that was already on thunders. Did it myself and it worked.

Anyone else tried this? Just in case The Tiger is puling a prank on us. I don’t want to burn a hole through my dick.

I’m not. But I understand your concern. Let me find the original thread and I’ll link it.

I tried on a very little part of my shaft, few weeks ago. It burns too much. I couldn’t do it on the entire shaft. But it works.

(sorry for my english).

I am about to do, what I hope, is my final peel. I hate it, stings like hell, but works.

Along the circumcision line there is still a discoloration line corresponding, and little left on the topside of the shaft. Going for a 12 minute+ application.

That sucked. Again. BURNS!

I did that one for 12 minutes, maybe a little longer. The worst, as usual was the 10-15 seconds I applied the baking soda, that burns 10x as much!

But that was my 4th, longest, and hopefully final burn I have to do get rid of a few leftover spots I had. Nonetheless, the skin looks so much better than it did before my first peel. Happy with the outcome thusfar.

Does you skin turns in natural skin color after your peels Tiger? or is it whiter?


It’s just back to a natural color. Like after your get sunburned, then peel.

I did it once, some time ago. I had some minor discoloration.

I actually expected worse pain, but I think the wart remover I tried was lighter than the one sold in the US; I kept it on for 15 minutes or so, and it only burnt for a few minutes.

It kept peeling for days, but in the end most the discoloration was gone. Or, let’s say, ‘faded’; now it’s almost unnoticeable.

Wouldn’t it be good if we could add skin onto our penis with a mix of something.

Like adding mass. Possibly we could add 1/8 of an inch girth?

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Progress routine and pics/vids

Currently peeling. Just fine thusfar

Originally Posted by 17ml
Wouldn’t it be good if we could add skin onto our penis with a mix of something.

Like adding mass. Possibly we could add 1/8 of an inch girth?

Some time ago I considered anti-aging collagen cremes: they actually work (or, they’re supposed to work) providing the skin with new collagen, to fill in the layer beneath the external skin.
I never tried, though: they cost too much.


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