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Revisiting o-bends: gyrations

Revisiting o-bends: gyrations

I didn’t have much motivation for steady PE, yet, when I was combining jelqing and o-bends, I got some great girth gains, like 0.5cm in 1.5 months. Digging into penis anatomy, o-bends should be a great preparatory exercise which would soften the tunica at bend and thus allow easier expansion in both girth and length. However, to get equal softening, one should bend in at least 4 general directions, if not in 4 additional directions between the former four.

So, to allow for equal softening and preparation, I’ve envisioned an following exercise.
Get to o-bend erection level. Grab penis closer to the base by one hand, grab by other hand closer to head (there should be 3-4 cm between hands). The exact position depends on which section of penis’s length you want to address. Bend to the right. Now start changing bend direction to bending down, without changing the bend angle, essentially gyrating your penis. Then to bending up, etc, without stopping in any position, continuously changing bend direction. That way, tunica should get a great local softening at the bending area. To maximize effect, bend in several slightly overlapping areas - near base, at midshaft, near the head. After that, follow with other exercises, jelq, clamp, etc, results should be higher than without tunica preparation.

I’ve moved this to Main, as this is not a newbie exercise.

If you’re going to do o-bends, this sounds like a thorough approach to get even application of stress.

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