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shedding some light on the perfect size.....

shedding some light on the perfect size.....

Jusr recently I had a freaky run-in with a girl whom I knew and was friends with but had never done anything significant with. She was at the pool and asked me to rub baby oil on her and etc. One thing led to another and an hour later I was at her apartment. At first she was not going to let me fuck and would even blow me. I told her that it’s uncool to get my all turned on and then make me go home and spank it. She then told me to spank it in front of her. I got nervous because I was worried about my size. I’m 6” NBP x 6” girth.

I figured I might as well and since we werne’t together I would get her straight up opinion about the size of my cock. I got it hard by jacking off then asked her if she would be honest and tell me what she thought. She said sure and I whipped it out. She immendilty said it is a good length but that it was really really thick. I asked her to tell me what she would change about my dick to make it the perfect size. she said maybe make it a little longer and showed me anout 3/4” with her fingers. Then she shocked me by saying “and maybe get it a little thinner” Judging from this her perfect size would be 7” by 5.5”. So I guess give or take a half inch, thats what we should all be shooting for.

Thats what we should all be shooting for if we want to end up with her. I don’t think you understand this, but all women are different, and each have their own tastes. There is no “perfect size”.

Yes… this is what I have been told as well.

You see, apparently the majority of women like to feel “filled” by a penis, but actually do not like the experience of being split open. Go figure!

I think we, as men (except for Diamond, et al), tend to feel that women want the same thing we want. We want to feel powerful. We want to feel like Conan standing on top of the mountain of fallen bodies with a scantily clad girl clinging to one massive leg (at least some little neanderthal part of us does anyway). Most women don’t want to be that woman grabbing our leg. I think they (generalizing!) may want a man who is powerful, but they probably don’t want to feel battered.

This is why I’m shooting for the modest goal of 7x5.5, coincidentally the exact thing same figure that your friend quoted. Thanks for this post. I think it injects a much needed does of reality into our perceptions.


I think he does understand that - I believe he was just pointing out that it is possible to be TOO big even if you don’t have what you would consider a “monster dong”. Our perceptions are waaaay out of whack here on this board. We all want to be in the top 5% without giving much consideration to what the girls we intend to assault with this monster feels.

I took it as a simple warning to the guys here who are shooting for 9x6.5 to make sure that what you really want. Several of the members have actually not had much experience with sex yet and are working their units up past 8 inches. There is one guy I recall over on PEforums who was a virgin at 8+ x 6+ asking if he was “big enough” yet. That’s insane.

Yes That is insane

Guys Im not saying this to in any way be mean. I really do try to give my honest opinion in a way that i think it might help you!

But you can work on your Penis and according to all surveys & opinions finally according to even you have THE PERFECT COCK.

And its not going to get you anywhere that your personality is gonna take you.

I love goal oriented people. I love the intent & the enthusiastic & usually proud way they go through life. Its very admirable & sexy to me! So actually I already admire you guys & I like the way this forum treats others. I like all the ideas that are worked on here & the comradery!Im not exactly here first and formost because of your dicks.

Hey I do like that part a lot though come to think of it. But if that were my Heart & Soul reason for being here I think I would be in HEAVEN !!LOL

The POINT Im getting at is. Work on your personalitys too as you work on your PEing. Because If I dont like a man or Im not turned on by him! We aint never gonna get to that point where he whoops it out & I give my opinion anyway! I will never see his cock & it could be voted most perfect Dick of the year & I would never even know it!!

Now that would be a Damn Shame too! I hope that never happens that I would miss the most Perfect Dick of the year! But Who knows if they were talking about his PENIS or not????

wasn’t sure whether to post this here or in my twin “penis size thread”, but this one seems more alive right now.

With a big dick the guy damn well better know what he is doing & how to reeaaalllyy get his lady going. The first time, I spent 90mn on my current favorite partner… before entering her. I didn’t go in untill she was quite literally begging me to. She told me later that she would have been a little scarred by my size if I had not been so sensitive and accomodating. I later learned that I am a tad bigger than her fav toy.

PE is a wonderfull thing. Really think it is an advantage to get good in bed with a normal dick before having a big one.

Running a Massive Co-Front.


I whole-heartedly agree with you; your words are very true. we can see that there are guys on this board with much larger than average instruments yet still (as everyone) have their hang-ups and fair share of problems.

I always say money doesn’t bring happiness, but it beats the fuck out of being poor.

I will add that having a big dick doesn’t bring happiness either, but (at least for me) it’s one hell of a confidence booster ! (not that I’m BIG - yet!).


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