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Shrinkage after time off?

Shrinkage after time off?

I don’t know why I can’t start a thread in the main forum I have been here pretty long. Anyways I have been doing PE since around April 08 2 months before I registered here. Recently I took a break about 4 weeks due to frustration with my schedule and lack of privacy at home. I have noticed my flaccid is back to pre PE stats I am talking well over 2 years ago and my girth as well I made it up to about 5.5 at the biggest part but only about 5.25 average.

Now my erect girth is barely 5” at the largest part about 5” even down shaft, even this is where I started as well could I have not keept any gains from those 2 years its pretty frustrating seeing those gains go away in only a month or so. I am starting back up today visiting family is gone but I wonder if I have to do PE for life and take no more than a month off I don’t think I can anymore. I passed my 30th birthday its why family was visiting so long. Now I see my life starting to pass me by my job is ok but pays little less than average pay I have no girlfriend or kids really no social life due to erratic work schedule.

I have even less social life due to spending the time at home doing PE anyone else ever been in this situation where you feel like where has time gone what am I doing and feel like you need to move your ass before its too late?
Sorry to get of topic but I feel pretty down the gains I had I would have hoped to last longer what happens when/if wife and kids come I wont even have time to PE then.

I am pretty happy to say my length gains remain intact as the last recorded measurement in my statistics page its the girth that I want to know how to keep it was what kept me going the length was a bonus.

Thanks to those who bother reading this I hope it can help others from feeling too down knowing that you are not alone if you too go threw this.

Ah dam I should read the rules more then and get myself posting more, but I am more of a reader than a poster lol thanks for the heads up.

Bigbassman77, I’m moving this to Main for you, as shrinkage after several years of PE is not as good a fit for the Newbie section.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

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