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Skin - PE's X Factor!

Originally Posted by joey999
Dr Harold Reed in Miami does a scrotal webbing procedure that doesn’t use the Z-plasty technique.

He still cuts away skin.just another method..

Penoscrotal or penile-scrotal web or “turkey neck” as said in the vernacular gives the illusion of shorter penile length and often causes some irritation during penetration especially with tugging on hairs and drawing in of the scrotum into the vagina.

The remedy is resection of the peno-scrotal web. Although some authors favor a Z plasty we have seen these patients and for me it looks like the mark of Zoro on the penile shaft and scrotum.

I believe our approach is more cosmetic because the penile incision remains in the midline as an extension of the raphe, and the scrotal incisions even on a fresh post op are difficult to discern.

Our fee is $250 for consultation. The charge for release of peno-scrotal web and reconstruction including local anesthesia and use of the facility is an additional $2500.

Resection can mean:

* Resection, in surgery, refers to removal of an organ or lesion by cutting it away from the body or the remainder of the tissue.

A doctor may say that a tumor can be resected, or is resectable, when it can be completely removed by surgery without leaving any of the tumor tissue, or without causing death to the patient by removing or damaging an essential structure. In cancer surgery, a radical surgical resection refers to a resection wherein a 2-to-3 centimeter zone of normal tissue in all directions around the perimeter of the tumor is removed en bloc in order to attempt to remove any cells forming a local micrometastasis.

A Segmental resection (or segmentectomy) is the partial removal of an organ or other body structure. In lung cancer surgery, a segmental resection/segmentectomy refers to the removal of a portion of lung lobe.

Thanks for the reply though

Is pumping a more effective way to stretch skin (without developing a turkey neck) than manual stretches?


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