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skin troubles!!!

skin troubles!!!

I seem to have a serious situation on my hands. Pulling on my dick causes the skin at the base to crack open every time. I have had to give up pulling of all types for 2 weeks at a time, to allow the skin tares to heal, but as soon as I resume stretching my dick, my skin tares open again, every time. Even fulcrum causes it to a degree. Jelqing causes the skin to tare also, although my skin seems to be able to heal over time whilst I continue a regular jelqing routine. When I try tunica stretching, the skin is so badly tawn open and bleeding that there is no chance of it healing without discontinuing all exercises. But every time it has healed and I try again, it tares open on the first day back.

I am not sure yet but I think fulcrum tares are superficial enough to heal during a regular programme, and jelqiing too, but tunica stretching tares my skin open so wide that it calls a stop to all exercises inorder for it to heal back.

Am I pulling too hard when I pull on my tunica? Or is my skin just too weak compared to most, inorder to take normal tunica stretching force?

What the hell am I to do?? I need length gains so so badly. I have a 5 inch dick that depresses me so much and all I want is an inch. Rubbing moisturiser and vitamin E does not stop it from taring. What am I doing wrong? All I can think of is that I am pulling to hard with everything I am doing( I am very strong). Maybe the fulcrum caused minor taring because I had not fully healed my skin before I did it. It looked healed to me.

Is it that I am pulling to hard? Has anyone else found that there is a limit to how hard you should pull during tunica stretching, otherwise it causes skin tares?? Or do I just have weak skin which will doom me to never gaining length from tunica stretching? HELP!!!

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Is your skin real dry at the base when the cracking occurs? I know that you want to get that inch as soon as possible, but consider taking a couple of weeks off to help it heal up completely. You have plenty of time to grow through PE. Go get some Neosporin and apply it a couple times a day on the crack, and that should speed up the process.

Let it heal “completely”, then give it several more weeks to rest.

SuperStroker could you please tell me what Neosporin is and where I could purchase it from? I live in England so it might be sold under a different brand name over here.

I have just thought about why it is happening to me. Perhaps I am not allowing my skin to get used to being stretched so much before I pull so hard. The jelqing tares seemed to go away after the first few sessions, but if I stopped for a while and started again, the skin would tare again, until my skin got used to being stretched. Like wise, I started the tunica stretching at the deep end without allowing it time to adabt to the stretching forces.

Does anyone think the skin becomes more resistant to stretching forces over time? The same way palm skin adabts to wear by forming callases, perhaps the skin at the base of the dick can slowly adabt by becoming more elastic and less likely to tare? Could it be that I didn’t give my skin enough time to adabt to such stretching forces at a weak point such as the hair line on the dick, and I shouldn’t jump into yanking my dick so hard in jelqs, tunica pulling etc, until my skin becomes acustomed to the new role it has to play?

Please guys, I need some feedback. Has anyone else found this problem to arrise due to giving your skin too much stressing to handle before it is acustomed at a weak point like the hair line?

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

Here are some different types of Neosporin. Basically, it’s just an ointment that heals up cuts a little faster. Any type will help. As far as to why it’s cracking, I’m not real sure. Wish I could help, but maybe someone else can chime in with some answers.

In a different thread, you wrote:

All I have heard is pull damn hard. That isn’t very helpful when you are a powerlifter who could pull his own dick off if he pulled “damn hard”. Infact, over a year ago I pulled as hard as I could on my ligs, due to instructions from another site, which caused my ligs to tare. Long since healed however.


You shouldn’t pull so hard that it feels like your dick is about to rip off, just enough to considerably “feel” the stress. If you’re still having trouble establishing how hard to pull, you could try hanging to get an idea of what the appropriate stress feels like. Then pull only till you feel a similar stress during manual stretches.

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Thankyou Anna sweetie. Much apreciated. I think I will see how you are by private message sometime very soon. xxx

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

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