1. How long have you been clamping for?

3 weeks.

2. Your gains (if any)?

1/16” MSEG.

3. Do you clamp and keep full erect (through edging and kegels) or do you let it get fully engorged and let the erection subside while staying engorged?

Kegel and edge.

4. How many sets do you clamp a day and for which duration?

I’ve worked up to about 3 per day with a duration of 8 minutes each. I’m still experimenting with the clamp position, duration, and wrap. I really think it takes a long time to build PE technique.

5. Do you have any discoloration that lasts?

It fades within 10 or so minutes of finishing the exercise.

6. Do you take any off days?

Every three days or so my dick feels sore and I have a light day with only jelqing and stretching.

7. Has your Erection quality improved or gotten worse (or stayed the same)?

With a partner, it’s stayed the same. By myself, it’s gotten slightly worse, but I have noticed that my morning wood has improved since starting to clamp.

8. Which other  exercises do you mix in your routine?

I just jelq, stretch, and clamp. My main goal is girth.

Other notes:
- I’m no longer ejaculating after PE, like many on the forum have recommended. I’m not yet sure of the effect of this, but my flaccid hang has seemed to improve, especially in girth. I don’t take flaccid measurements.

-MSEG measurement during a clamping session reaches 5.25”. Many clampers have indicated clamped MSEG predicts future MSEG. I’ll report back if this is the case for me :)

-My BPEL usually hovers around 7”, but after a good clamping session, it sometimes reaches 7.2”. I’m not sure what to make of this (thoughts?) other than my dick is just more stretched out everywhere.

[BPEL x MSEG (x BEG)] 8/13: [6 3/4” x 4 7/8”] 2/15: [7 1/8” x 5” x 5 3/8”]

5/15: [7 1/8” x 5 1/8” x 5 1/2"]