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Strengthening the tunica?

Strengthening the tunica?

Hello fellow PE’ers.

I’m in need of some advice. I’ll try to be objective on this thread. I’m currently doing a routine that consists of

10min warmup
5min warmup with bathmate and bathmate stretches (sometimes)
15min stretching all directions, V-stretches and BTC stretches

~ADS all day~

10min warmup
2~3 sets of fairly high pressure pumping with 50 wet jelqs (more or less) in between sets

I gotta admit, that I lose my stretching AM sessions some days, and I try to fit it before or after my PM session. I get very good engorgement on my unit with doing wet jelqs in between pumping. I recently discovered the power of the wet jelq, and now I feel that I never jelqed properly before, so I’m excited about this.

My main focus is length. I have a starting stat of 6x5, and I aim to get 7x5,5 as a dream goal, so I believe I need to target length first. What’s been happening is this: because of the pumping and/or jelqing, I notice that my tunica feels less pliable, a bit thicker throughout the day, and stronger. Therefore, I don’t feel that my stretches are much productive anymore, even though I still do them, and were the ADS to keep the elongated state.

I’m having good PI’s, and even though gains didn’t come yet, I feel they are coming, but I’m not sure. Is the focus of my routine wrong? Should I focus merely on streching, leave the pump aside and perhaps keep the jelqing? My fear is that I’m just toughening my tunica with this pump+wet jelq sessions.

Appreciate any income. Cheers mates.

Heat and patience! I started two and a half years ago, starting at just under 5.5 x 4.5. Now at just over 6.5 x 5. Happy I have gained, but still looking for more. Give yourself a break for a week once a month, and enjoy your gains!

Congratulations on your gains my friend.
My biggest doubt is if pumping is beneficial to length gaining, or if it thickens the tunica in a way that makes it hard to stretch.


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