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The Captn's Wench

The Captn's Wench

How many on here have been using it? Had any success?

It looks brilliant, I’m currently in process of constructing one, but can’t find the name brand materials.

I’ve got to the point where manual stretching is getting difficult to do; my penis feels like a steel cable!

By the way, I have a couple pics in the members pictures area, I also took my erect measurement BP; finally!
I’m well pleased with my progress, let me know what you guys think if you get the chance.

I like the wench a lot. I actually built one that was only 1” wide.

Frankly, though, if your dick is feeling like a steel cable, maybe it’s time for nice long decon break. Pushing your tissues further when you’re already feeling resistance might do more harm than good.

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Big fan of the wench if anybody wants to get into hanging on the cheap it’s the way to go:)

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I made one, doesn’t quite grip me or hold well.

Start: 6" length, 4.5" girth / Now: 6.1" length,4.7" girth 1/10/08- 6.25" NBEL length BPEL 6.75" 4.7" Girth

2/12/08- 6.60"NBEL 7" BPEL under head girth- 4.7" base-5"

Time PE'ing:8 months Goal: 10" length, 7" girth My progress thread with pictures: Imasleep's progress thread.Journey to 10x7! Check IT OUT, I have alot of questions posted there with no answers please!

I had been meaning to make one for a while now, but never bothered to go out and get the material, thinking it was too much hassle.

I am NOT a handyman at all, but the construction is very simple. Takes 5 minutes.
Into my third week of hanging, so I can’t say there’s any gains yet (having not measured yet)

I don’t think the “name” is so important. I remember reading a thread about alternative materials.

Starting stats, mid december 06: FL- 10.5cm, BPFL- 12cm, EL - 15cm, BPEL- 16.5cm, EBG- 14cm

June 5th, 2008; BPEL - 19cm (7.5") , mid shaft girth - 14 (5.5")cm

Goal: BPFL - 15cm, BPEL - 21cm, EG- 16cm

I’ve got a Wench, and I got great EL gains from using it. It was a great (and inexpensive) introduction to hanging.


Originally Posted by Imasleep

I made one, doesn’t quite grip me or hold well.

Try using a Turn-Key clamp rather than a cable clamp.

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Originally Posted by ModestoMan
Try using a Turn-Key clamp rather than a cable clamp.

Hi ModestoMan,

I read that thread and saw the photo of the Turn-Key Clamp.

Why do you recommend this type of clamp so highly for the Captain’s Wench…is it a more snug fit in your opinion?

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It’s continuously adjustable. The Cable Clamp adjust only in fixed increments, which can be either too tight or too loose. With the Turn-Key clamp, you can always achieve the optimal tightness, which comfort often depends on.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

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