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The Mayo Clinic on PE


Oh. Was my name mentioned?

Sorry AvgGuy, I’m also going to disagree with the “yes the are” part, but will say that I understand your perspective on the personal experiences part of your statement. If you’re making those statements because you started PE at less than six inches you may have been on the receiving end of some rejection because of your size. Or, you thought it was due to your size. Then those statements make sense because that’s how you perceived it.

I do agree, or hope that it’s true, that most would not base a relationship decision on dick size and I agree that if a dick is to be talked about it will probably be at either end of the size spectrum.

In looking at porn I enjoy seeing big ones as much as anyone. Both gay and straight members here tend to seek out and comment on the bigger ones. But if a dick is going down my throat, I’d rather it be average or smaller. Personally, I’m not a size-queen. I won’t reject anyone for their size. And I certainly don’t seek out the extra big ones because they’re just too much trouble to deal with. At my age (60) I’m happy if anyone shows any kind of interest in my dick. :)

Originally Posted by mch
Nothing in this quote was originally intended by myself to refer to pumping. Nothing whatsoever!

In your edited quote you omitted my most crucial words; “With regard to jelqing, stretching, hanging”. That’s a significant omission, changing the meaning of what I originally said.

The rest of your post goes on about a vacuum pumping process (the “Chartham Method”), and nothing to do with jelqing, stretching, or hanging. Your use of the edited quote implies that it also refers to pumping. That is an entirely inappropriate misuse and totally misrepresents what I had originally said with those words.

In no way should that edited quote have been used in your post, it does not belong there, and no longer represents my original words meaning.

Kindly be more cautious about how you quote others in future, thank you!

Kindly be more cautious about replying to me with such insufferably bizarre posts….

(1) I never said/implied that you spoke of pumping. I was not quoting you throughout my entire post; I was adding some of my own thoughts - if that’s okay with you.
(2) The article stated that, “There are no scientific studies that indicate this technique is effective at increasing penis size”. If you understand how the medical community formulates policy statements you would realize that such a declaration is sufficient, in their eyes.
(3) You then say, “That’s quite different than saying they do not work.” It’s not *identical,* but it’s not “quite different.” In fact their statement isn’t entirely quite clear. Are they saying that no studies have been done, or that none of the studies showed effectiveness?

The point is that the medical establishment does not recognize natural PE.

The medical establishment cannot monetize PE and therefore ignores it.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

Medical establishments are constantly being proved wrong by motivated individuals such as ourselves. I mean c’mon according to some medical journals steroids don’t build muscle. I love when people prove the “establishment” wrong!


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