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I tried creating a new thread for my post here but I couldn’t so I decided to respond to this thread.

After doing PE about 2 years ago for just a few weeks for whatever stupid reason I lost my motivation. Ironically because I think I was seeing dramatic changes in erection strength and was making the best use out of the size I have that I didn’t really need it. I was pleasing my wife and all was good. Well this past few weeks I had been partying a lot and my wife and I had been going out with the specific intention that she wanted to try a threesome with another women. Well happened Saturday night and because of all the nights out setting it up and little sleep and nervousness I was totally unable to perform. It was embarassing for all of us although the women got to cum good and I (barely) got to as well, it was for me pretty humiliating an amazing opportunity lost.

I’m only 5’6” tall and when I’m FULLY erect I get to between 5.5” and 6” depending on erection strength. But I’m more of a grower than a shower so Saturday night was totally humiliating as my penis was just totally undersized. As George Castandza would say ‘significan shrinkage’.

Anyway, that has brought me back thinking I need to start working on my penis health, EQ and of size is definitely a goal as well.

After just those few weeks of PE I did two years ago I was seeing right at 6” because my erections were better. I also was taking Orexis which seemed to at least help me achieve the maximum size I was capable of. Of course I’m going to try and get more rest and eat a healthier diet. Part of my goal is get a good enough sized penis that if I’m not 100% erect it still looks nice and big. If I’m completely erect most women think I’m pretty well hung for 5’6”. But if I’m not fully erect I lose a ton of size fast.

Now the other problem I have is that my time is very very tight. I’m expecting I”m only going to have about 30 minutes in the morning for the majority of my routine. Would it be beneficial at all to do manual stretches say 3-4 minutes every few hours while I’m at work? The concern there is no warmup but would maybe some light stretch help some. I could also perhaps get another 10-15 in the evening but I really don’t want my wife to know I’m doing this until I have some good gains. She’s very skeptical/cynical about penis enlargement and I will never hear the end of it if she knows what I’m trying to do. I’m sure there are other guys here that can relate that their wives/gf’s may consider it a form of vanity or the steroetypical male worried about penis size.

Anyways I would appreciate any tips to maximize my gains around a tight schedule and discrecion at home. Also any recommendations on improving EQ as a big part of the goal even if that means a supliment of some kind.

My goal is to get to 7”-7.25” with good girth but I don’t know how realistic it is when my time constraints. So that would be adding a total of about 1.5-1.75” in length. I have taken starting pictures flacid and I have some erect without a ruler. I will post them up here at some point and try and keep up with a progress log.




Good luck on the journey. I am basically an extended newbie myself: I also made a brief foray into PE and then stopped because my confidence level with my girlfriend was just fine. But now I’m back, just like you, to make some gains.

I would suggest you wake up earlier than normal and lock yourself in the bathroom (if your wife won’t be suspicious of that.)

I was recently suggested to do three times throughout the day (or even four), ten minutes of jelqing and squeezing. That’s a half hour total but it’s broken up throughout the day to make sure you stay expanded for a long time. I don’t know. I haven’t tried that yet but it makes great sense to me.

Hopefully some other veterans will chime in here. I love getting as many possible opinions on the matter.

Consistency is a key I keep seeing here over and over. Do NOT miss a session for the life of you. It seems that the master PE’ers really hold that as vital to making good solid gains.

Also, I would change your name to Becomingbignow!

That’s what Yoda would say anyway.

Anyone else?

Thanks for the post! I’m definitely planning on getting up earlier and just locking myself in the bathroom. Once I’ve got some real solid gains of maybe .5”-.75” and the wife is really seeing the difference then I can let my secret out.

I’ve ordered some Orexis which I hope will help me with my EQ more than anything. I’ve done two sessions and both were very cumbersome and unproductive. I remember going through that before and I think maybe the Orexis was helping give me some additional blood flow to make it easier. This morning when I was Jelqing I just could not keep enough of an erection and my stretches just didn’t feel effective yet. I know it takes time for real growth and at least it is nice that pills can help with the EQ part because when the EQ is weak it’s going to be smaller no matter what. I’ll keep everyone posted on progress.

Originally Posted by vagabund
Consistency is a key I keep seeing here over and over. Do NOT miss a session for the life of you.

That sentence just speaks the truth of PE, stick to than and you will grow for sure. If you miss a session skip the next day of rest so you will always do the same amount of PE days per week. I always do that.

I think that jelqs are the most important PE exercise you can do, and you’ll get the most rewards from it in terms of EQ. I also do other passive exercises, but I have a desk job that affords that and they are only supplements to jelqing, IMO.

This is my suggestion for a stealth routine that I think anyone can do. It probably requires that you do dry jelqs, depending on your situation:

1) Do most of your stretching for the day when you first get up (in the bathroom), but get a good number of jelqs in, as well. Do half or more of what you hope to accomplish in the day, as you may find your other opportunities compromised.

2) Do a short session in the stall at work, with enough stretches to get you loosened up, but focusing on jelqs. Do more sessions throughout the day, if you can. Use different restrooms to avoid running into the same people, if that appears to be a problem.

3) Do another session at night in the bathroom. Only do as much as you need to based on the amount of exercise you were able to get in during the day.

Hiding out in the bathroom is the only time I ever get to jelq. This necessitates keeping the sessions short and quiet. I sometimes bring something to read, so it appears that I’m planning on being there awhile.

If you have a desk job, you can probably do a lot more with an ADS or extender. You will need a certain amount of privacy for an extender, but only while you’re putting it on or taking it off. If you can add that to your jelqing, I highly recommend it.

7 3/4" (+3/4") BPEL x 6 1/4" (+5/16") EG

Thanks so much for the awesome advice! This was just the kind of information I’ve been looking for. I’ve always started out slow just because I do want to be very careful. Each day though I do feel it coming back. I”ve always done wet jelqs so I’ll have to work on the dry ones. I probably can get some sessions throughout the day in the bathrooms. I work in a large plant with a desk job. So I should be able to get up and find a bathroom stall where I can have a few minutes and make it so where I’m not getting seen coming in and out all the time of the same one. Even though it is a desk job there is always the possibility I would have to get up at anytime. It’s possible I may be able to get the time but one of my problems though is the inability to have a hot water/towel warmup. I think part of this for me is finding exercises I can do without warmups that will give benefit.

So you know for my warm up I will typically turn the shower on quite hot and put my penis into my cupped hand so that it can soak in it. typically i’ll massage in the hot water for a few minutes and then over then next 3-4 minutes after that, start slowly stretching out while keeping most of my penis submerged in the hot water. then I will typically move into stretches in all directions and then some light V-stretches. I theink I can see the real value in using a some sort of V-stretch up and down the penis to get better stretches. Then after about 5 minutes of that and a minute of just massaging I go into jelqing. I”m still not great at it so I don’t do too many yet. i’ll increase the number as I get more comfortable. I do see some very huge veins popping out that are kind of scary so I tend to want to back off when I see them. Figure it’s better to wait before pushing it any more.

One thing I might try is some stretches as I’m falling asleep in bed. Something like a Fowler (i think that is it) where i can get a good stretch and hold it for a while.

I”m pretty hyped on this. I know that with regular exercises this will really work. I’m kicking myself for stopping or at least not keeping my penis in good condition. I had kind of had taken my performance for granted until I fell short (pun intended). LOL

Thanks again for the advice! It’s much appreciated!

I”m tempted to go with an ADS but then I have the issue of hiding that from my wife and all that.


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