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Originally Posted by Schlong7
I feel y’all on the manuals. I’ve been hearing y’all say manuals since I’ve been on here. (I guess for a year now). I’ve been trying to incorporate manuals since then, and I always get semi erect. When this happens, I’ll stop, and restart. However, a post manual stretch w/ heat, seems to really do the trick. I’m also trying to practice kegeling. Do I stop and go on these, or do I squeeze hard enough where it makes me stop. Or is it a combination of both? I’ve asked several times since I’ve been on here, and I’ve researched it. I just want to make sure I’m doing it right to make gains. A lot of y’all are great motivators, through visuals and instructions. This thread targets my main goal. Girth is great, but I want to hit that cul de sac.

Won’t stop, til’ the washing machine splish splosh.

I also get semi erect when stretching and it’s a real problem when I’m trying to do fulcrum stretching over a rod or via twisting my hand. Generally to combat this I have a small space heater I bought off of amazon that I put on high and heat up my dick with it. The really high temperature tends to cause the semi to die down quite rapidly. Though you have to be careful and not leave it on too long so you don’t burn yourself. Heat is also good for PE obviously and I find that my space heater works the best.

For kegels it’s best to do a variety. Regular and reverse (pushing out instead of pulling in). Then at various lengths of time as well. I do 1 second holds, 3 second holds, 5 second holds and 10 second holds. I used to do 60 second holds a couple years ago but I kind of atrophied since then :( . In terms of how hard you should squeeze well the harder the better but just make sure you alter with reverse kegels so you don’t develop pelvic floor tension where your pelvic floor is used to being in a contracted state. How many kegels you do depends on how long you’ve been doing them for. Generally start out with roughly a total of 180 seconds of hold time total and go up from there when it becomes easier to do them.

Originally Posted by marinera
Although I do reccomend manual stretching over hanging, it can’t be denied that there are some advantages in the latter. A) Hanging leaves your hands free. So theoretically you can do some job while hanging. Theoretically is the keyword here though. B) Manual stretching is tiring for some people; think to a guy who suffer of arthritis, or just hasn’t much stamina in his hand grips.

If you want to have an analytic approach to the problem, we should avoid black and white statements; truth is often grey.

Originally Posted by djrobins
Manuals were not superior to hanging because your hands will eventually get tired, plus with hanging you can do something else while hanging.

Yea hanging does have that advantage. I switched from manual to hanging at first because my forearms would get tired and I wanted to do other stuff. I guess if you can get the right hanging setup it’s great.

Maybe it’s just me but I’ve made a few different hangers and it generally felt like it was more trouble that it was worth. Kind of hard to attach the hanger so it grips the dick instead of only the skin, sometimes I get pinched and have to remove it, loss of circulation so it must be removed every 10 to 20 minutes, cold glans after each set (at least for me), etc.

It just got the point where I was spending more time messing around than actually hanging. I kind of want to try hanging again. I’m thinking maybe this weekend.

My issue is I have this thick 1/4 inch “cord” inside my dick on the top that’s preventing all gains. The erectile chambers don’t even get slightly taught when I pull. I know the only way to stretch the cord is via heated fulcrums so I’d like to try hanging over a fulcrum again. Hopefully I’ll have more success.

I mean I’ve had the most success by far with manuals over a fulcrum but I’m starting to realize I really need more time under continuous load with a lot of heat to make some progress on the cord.


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