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2 Questions

First of all, what is the effect of kegaling while stretching upwards? Does it help the stretch?


Will stretching the tunica help with girth?

By the way, glad to be PEing again…

Kegaling will force some more blood into the shaft. I don’t think it will help the shaft.

there are more then one way to stretch a tunica. (sounds like an old time phrase.) But generally yes, if you stretch the tunica it will increase volume potential, there by increasing girth.


1999: 6" EBPL X 5.25" EG ~ 2001: 7" EBPL X 5.75" EG ~ 2003: 7.25" EBPL X 6" EG

Current (Jan 2013): 7.125 EBPL X 6"EG ~ GOAL = 7+" (anything more is fine) EBPL X 6.5" EG

One other thing… How long does it take to restore LOT to a higher level through stretching the tunica? Is it something that comes only after(or with) significant gains?

I was unaware of the possibility of increasing the LOT, is this possible? Also, does this correlate to a generally higher angle of erection? Currently, I stand perpendicular to my upright posture, so a slight upright angle would be nice, but I didn’t think this happened.

Started: 7.1x5 1/1/04

First Goal 7.25x5.5

I’ve heard of increasing the LOT through tunica improvement. I have herad it here. no where else. Look into it. I think that as tunica lengths increase, LOT may increase as well. I said MAY!!!!!!

freaky grig

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