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Twitching and popping

Twitching and popping

Quick question to see if anyone else had this happen:

Been hanging for a couple months. About 2-3 weeks ago began fulcrum hanging. Yesterday morning did 2 sets and just for the hell of it decided to do a pumping session. I did only about 5 minutes but did “dynamic”. Nothing drastic just from 4hg to 6hg. I came out and was nice and heavy and for the first time actually stayed somewhat fuller for hours afterwards.

Last night did 1 hanging set and then 1 pumping set. On the pumping I went from 5hg to 10hg but at 10 hg was only a few seconds then back to 5 for 30 seconds or so before repeating. At one point I felt, and saw, the base twitching and then little pops like ligaments or something were popping out. Nothing hurt and it happened around the base in 4-5 different spots. By the way everything I do is under a heat lamp, i’ll post the one I use below.
I was hoping this was something good like my unit getting an instant 1” length increase :) but it doesnt seem so.
Anyway, everything is normal so im wondering what happened and if anyone had anything similar?

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No one?

Not sure how you’ve conditioned before. Even after conditioning, stay away from that kind of pressure.

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I made a mistake when I posted. After pumping I went back in the bib hanger for a quick set and that’s when the twitching and popping happened.

Everything is still good :)

But I didn’t get an instant inch :(



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