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UK Members?


I’m from Scotland!

Great to hear other Scots are in the forum, thought I was the only one here!

Hello Mate!!!

From Norf west London bruv!!

Jan 01/08: BPEL-6.78" NBPEL-6.25" EG-5.5"

Jan 21/08: BPEL-7.25" NPBEL-6.70" EG-5.7"

Aiming for 1.0" gains all round.**newbie routine currently on hold due to severe porn addiction. No gains lost yet-23/03/08**

Birmingham here!! Anybody got any tips on how to be focused enough to PE regularly? I’m guessing first gains will urge me on.. But after a week of jelq and streching.. Havent noticed any differance.. Is persistance the key? Motivate myself god damn it!

Persistence is the key! Trust me, as soon as you get an inkling that your penis is getting bigger or healthier or more veiny or harder or…. then you are hooked.

Damn BigBear I thought my early gains were good. But way to go anyway. How is the porn detox?

Hi, Surrey here.

I’d like to know where in the UK I can get the silicone tubes that Monkeybar sells with his VacExtender. The $20 for postage each time I order anything is a killer!

I started (again) in December last year and have gained nearly an inch since then but only slight girth gains I am currently at 6.88” BPEL x 5.07 mid EG from 6.10” x 4.9” mid EG.

Essex here!

Started the newbie routine and fowfers last week!

Hey guys… I’m not far from Benjy. My rountine is really off and on… probably why I haven’t seen many gains yet. Keep it up Brits!

Hey Samuel & Benjy,

I’ve found its consistency and a long term plan that pays off best.

I’ve also found it important of taking a few extra days off each month. Even over the last week or two I have been recovering from a blood blister on my glans, and I gained even while resting.

So just PE regularly, take breaks and be in for the long haul.


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