Uli 3 Don't shoot

Before I get shot down and told to search, I have been searching and reading up on the Uli#3 and there seems to be different guides to doing this exercise?

(Ulistretch routine)
Uli’s Routine

=To me this is a dry jelq that when you push so far you then push a bit further 5 times, let go repeat.

(Thunders video)
Uli #3 Video

=To me this a dry jelq that you push forward then the grip falls back then pushs forward again, I would dry jelq like this anyway?

(On another PE forum)
1. Form an OK-grip at the base of your erect penis.

2. Squeeze the grip tightly and hold for thirty to sixty seconds.

=To me that’s a manual clamp

When You search around too, Guys seem to be giving other ways of doing the exercise too. It’s confusing and I’m hoping some of you guys can explain what you think the right way is, Allot of threads I have been reading are years old.

Thanks guys :)