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Ultrasound gels

Ultrasound gels

I have recently experienced with a new US gel, to see if it would help with the efficiency of heating. It did, however I also started to feel like crap. While this might have been a coincidence, I decided to look into what are the US gels made of and I am not aware of one gel that doesn’t contain endocrine disruptors or potentially carcinogenic ingredients. Quite a large amount of gel is used for every session, it doesn’t evaporate into thin air so it’s getting in the skin. Getting an ultrasound exam done once every 5 years isn’t equal to daily (or frequent) use over months. Water could be an option if one were to take a bath for every pe session and use a vacuum hanger to stretch. There are also gel pads like the aquaflex gel pads, I don’t know if these would work nor how many times they could be used before they’d need to be discarded. Has anyone tried them ?

What do people use and what do you think of all of this ?

Google diy ultrasound gels. There are many options to making your own.

Initial: 7” BPEL; 6” NBPEL; 5.25” - 5.5” MEG

Current: 7.75” BPEL; 7.25” NBPEL; 8.5” BPFSL; 6.5” MEG; 6”x5” Flaccid.

Goal: Improved/consistent EQ while managing ED. Secondary: maintain current stats.

Such a simple solution :) .


Excellent topic imo, I have had similar problems. The gel always ends up around the testes as well which has around 50 times higher skin penetration than the soles of the feet.

Does anyone know what kind of ingredients in a US gel that would increase the heating with US in Kyrpas setting?

Hyaluronic acid binds water for example but when experimenting I have not felt a noticeable difference (0,1%). Would using gelatin instead of gum/cellulose work better for example?

Would be interesting to bring some science into this. I have equipment like homogenizer, overhead stirrer etc. In case hard to dissolve ingredients are needed for experimentation.

Not sure if it would work for heating purposes, but when we don’t have US gel handy at work, we use water based lube (KY basically) to do Doppler exams.

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