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Weird base swelling

Weird base swelling

I have a baseball shaped dick (Normally!). For some reason my base has swollen up to a size as big or bigger than when it’s erect. When flaccid it looks like a tree trunk. This is really really odd and it’s the first time it happened to me. It’s still this way an hour after I masturbated. I’m wondering if maybe there’s some blood trapped there some how.

Lately I’ve found due to medication it takes ages to ejaculate so I’ve left it like a week till I did so just now. It was really a great feeling but I’m slightly worried from the swollen effect and I’ve never heard anything like this from anyone before. It basically looks like I’ve pumped the bottom half of my dick and I’ve never used a pump in my life.

At the moment for a while now I’ve done no jelqs or clamping. I’ve just tried now to jelq the blood up or out but it stays this way. Now I mean I’d love a bigger base girth but this is just WEIRD! And I don’t understand how it could occur.

I’d say sleep it out? If it is some kind of lymphathic fluid build-up (can’t really imagine that at the base though) you can try to massage it out.

And did you check the medication side-effects? It might be due to more viscous blood if you are on blood-thickening medication. (Only thing I can think of, some still trapped in the CC due to viscosity)

Interesting. Keep us updated!

After sleeping it’s still swollen but not as bad. I had amazing morning wood which wouldn’t go away. I had piss outside because you know it’s hard to aim in the toilet with an erection pointing sky high. And now my flaccid is just really good. So I can’t complain about it, still last night when it was so usually swollen and large it was pretty worrying. I think all is good though.

Sounds good. do you think the base will go back to normal? Or could it actually be some new gains?

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